Awesome Review

Here’s a short e-mail mini review I received of Awesome Adventures:

Having read through the book, I would like to offer a little feedback as well.


While some complain about nothing new being added to the FATE system, I do not see that as a bad thing personally. If something is not broken, then there is little reason to fix it.

Some things have been nicely simplified. While stunts may be a nice touch in Spirit Of The Century, they did not seem all that necessary when I was reading through that game, and their removal for Awesome Adventures was a handy step in streamlining it.

Also, by making it a multi-genre game, it really makes one look at the game as more than just Pulp; making it well suited to those who want to play it in another genre. You did a good job in that regard. I really do feel I can just tweak a few things here and there for one of my favorite game settings (or even a generic setting of my own.) I could easily see Awesome Adventures as the new SRD for the third edition of FATE.


Only one in my opinion. Character creation does tie a tad too closely to Spirit of the Century in that it automatically assumes prior adventures. While that is fine for Spirit, where everyone is part of the same club and probably gets in not only through Accident of Birth-date but also through possible recommendation (at least I can assume that), plenty of awesome characters began their sagas with no experience, and some players will want to play with inexperienced characters. In super heroes games, for example, I like playing the newbie.

Despite spending a lot of time on this con, I do not think it to be a huge problem. Phases can be reinterpreted. To use my superhero example: Phase one could be unchanged, Phase two could be Origin, and Phases three through Five could be any defining event: Problem solved. Newbies in other genres? Phases two through four could be past experiences and Five be where motivation is defined. Again, Problem solved.

Last Word:

Awesome Adventures is a good game, and it shows how awesome FATE can be. All in all, Good Job.

Thanks for reading this and taking in my feedback.


Adam Leisemann


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