That’s Not What Awesome Adventures Is

Just found this post about the Indie RPG Awards. Wish I had stumbled onto it earlier so I could participate in a more timely fashion.

And you know what, I pretty much agree: Awesome Adventures is not Award quality material. I didn’t nominate it for the award, and I don’t know who did. I wrote it for two reasons 1) I wasn’t 100% satisfied with SotC as written, and 2) I wanted to get experience as a game writer and designer.

And it’s also true that large sections of the text are taken wholesale from the SotC SRD, or simply restated in my own words, which is a decision, a year and a half later, I regret- well, regret is a strong way of saying it, but if I wrote it today, I present it quite a bit differently.

But it’s not fair to say Awesome Adventures has 85% of the test of SotC. It’s not even 85% of the size of SotC, which I think is a feature, not a bug. Awesome Adventures is a mean, lean, tight book, with the best parts of the FATE system, and everything else stripped out. And yes, it’s completely derivative.

3 thoughts on “That’s Not What Awesome Adventures Is

  1. oberonthefool says:

    FWIW, I would play AA at the drop of a hat. I probably wouldn’t play SotC. Award worthy? Who knows. Easy and fun to play? Definitely.

  2. dmkdesigns says:

    I’m curious as to what else you would do with a revision of AA? Are there any plans to write a revised edition?

  3. LC says:

    So I’m commenting on a really old post of yours. I’ve been getting the itch to run something, and while when last I played I had fallen in love with aspects of HeroQuest, the way it handles extended conflicts and such leaves me flat. It ends up being just lots of dice rolling without any input. (I suppose I could hack the system to make more input, but I’m not sure how much hacking that would require.)

    I’ve always been intrigued by FATE, but the one absolute love I had for HQ was naming your own abilities, and the skill lists and stunt lists drove me away.

    Reading some comments about AA, I’m damn intrigued. So I have to ask, if you know both systems, do you think I’m going to find AA the way to go? I see you’ve stripped stunts out, but still have skills.

    And yes, I know asking a designer “should I buy your game” is kind of stupid, because the answer is always likely to be “yes”, but it does seem like you’re a fair-minded sort. šŸ™‚

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