War for the Throne: Second Playtest

War for the Throne is now in playtest!

We chatted a bit about settings- 3 Kingdoms Wuxia, western Feudal high fantasy, some stranger things like modern day, space, Aztec and Bollywood mythic India, but we settled on 1900ish Mythic Russia. Crimea War era, folk rumors, mystic alchemy and mad-science, funny hats, that sort of thing. The player characters are the children of the dead Czar. The nation is at war with two other nations- the analogues for France and Germany. There’s no England- their nation (Thronovia) has the world’s foremost navy.

The heirs are:

The eldest daughter, a mystic alchemist and inventor, a soulless scarred atheist, reviled by the powerful Church. (Brendan)
The oldest son, whose political connections vaulted him through the ranks of the Church. He holds the position of Bishop and has the ear of the Council of Prefects, but he also associates secretly with heretics to increase his personal power. (Tim)
The middle son, a naval hero, and flirty gadfly. The only heir to be engaged- and his fiancee also has a flirty aspect- I see her as a bit of a Helen Tigh figure. (I hope Len does too.)
The youngest son, barely an adult, who killed his father the Czar in a fit of rage. Now haunted by his father’s ghost. (Abram)

So, we’ve got quite a cast of characters there. Who will reign supreme? Who will die horribly?


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