D&D Nexus: The City, and Three Districts

Nexus, Hub of the Planes

Rising out of the Astra Sea is a great Plateau, the city of Nexus. Tall spires jut into the skies as airships fly overhead. Nine humongous gates ring the city, each one a portal to the Planes. The city is divided into districts, each one around one of the gates, with its own culture, flavor, and dangers.

Nexus is a setting for Paragon or Epic characters in Dungeons and Dragons. It is home to a variety of fantastic creatures, and adventure in the city might be as exciting as adventure outside, but due to its proximity to Astral faring airships and portals, Nexus also makes an excellent home base for a group adventuring across the cosmos.

The Districts

Nexus is divided into nine districts, each under the control of a powerful Warden. The Wardens are supernaturally attuned to their District, granting them a degree of awareness and power over it. The Wardens, and their districts, are very different from each other, and each District is like a city unto itself.

Blade District:
Warden: Myrmidon Alexandros (Storm Titan)
Portal: Elemental Chaos

The Blade District is a place of constant battle. Its Planar Gate opens into the Elemental Chaos, and the District is home to a host of Giants, led by the Storm Titan Alexandros. The two things the Myrmidon enjoys most are fighting and watching others fight. The district is filled with gladiatorial arenas and coliseums, and a variety of different martial tournaments take place- many of the areans have their own ‘house formats’ to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd.

A wealthy caste of gladiator nobles, giantish, mortal, or stranger things exists as an aristocracy under the Warden. Heritage is irrelevant- only might. Sometimes the Myrmidon himself steps into the arena, and those battles are the stuff of legends.

Financial District
Warden: Prime Minister Oenerophaesatryx (Ancient Black Dragon)
Portal: The Shadowfell

The Financial District is a corruption of its former self. Once ruled by the Lich Gregarios Yalith, who was organized to the point of obsessiveness, making sure his district, the legal, bureaucratic, and financial center of Nexus ran on a steady schedule. Now Yalith is dead, slain by Oenerophaesatryx (the Prime Minister, to those who can’t pronounce her name), who has no love of bureaucracy, but a great love of wealth.

The Prime Minister has made sweeping changes to the structure of the city, but has left many institutions intact- they citizens are used to it, and they make her money. When she first took control, there was chaos, but the District seems to have settled into a status quo. The institutions of the Financial District finance and underwrite the city’s many guilds and projects, and support and back adventuring parties, magical researchers, and interplanar merchants.

Imperial District
Warden: Emperor Gha-Fiz Urs-Thane (Demon Lord)
Portal: The Abyss

While it may be officially known as the Imperial District, outsiders prefer to call it the ‘Demon District.’ The Warden of the district is an exiled Demon Lord, Gha-Fiz Urs-Thane, a maligner who delights in suffering. The demon Emperor cares not for rampant destruction or corruption of souls, but rather in the exquisite torment he inflicts on mortals. The District is home to the Emperor’s demon minions who do as they please, and a population of dregs trapped in this terrible life.

The terrible truth is that many accept this willingly. The Emperor has a power to make the wishes of mortals come true. His wishes always come at a cost- either a dire twist, or a great service to him. Every day he hears a petition to grant a wish. The waiting list to petition the Emperor is decades long, and one must be a resident the entire time, so many people live in the Imperial District waiting for their petitions. The Imperial Court also accepts bribes to move one’s petition forward in line- a rich and powerful being can see the Emperor after only a few days or weeks if the price is right.

Trapped by their desires, the hopeful petitioners live as slaves in the Imperial District, tormented by the demons. And when they are finally granted their wish, they often wonder if it was worth it.

4 thoughts on “D&D Nexus: The City, and Three Districts

  1. Sabe says:

    Ooh. So is this your answer or alternative to Planescape/Sigil, then?

  2. Willow says:

    More of an homage.

    I love Planescape, but I feel the Faction War/post 2nd edition treatment sucked out the most interesting aspects, and never really put in anything juicy to fill the void.

  3. Sabe says:

    Yeah, I hear you on that. If I were to do something with Planescape, I’d have to get ahold of the older materials. Reading the Sigil writeup in the DMG2 made me sad.

  4. Corazon says:

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    using for blogging. I want to know if you’d be interested to write an article for me personally?

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