D&D Nexus II

These districts all have something in common- the destinations of their portals often wander, rather than leading to a fixed point in a single plane. As a result, they cast a wander net, allowing travelers to reach farther and more varied places. Just make sure the portal doesn’t close behind you, leaving you without a way back.

Market District
Warden: The Golden Queen (Eladrin Archfey)
Portal: The Feywild

The great Portal of the Market District changes its destination most frequently, and the district is home to the most lesser portals, making the Market District the most visited district in Nexus. The district is host to the Great Bazaar, an open air market home to many vendors hawking their wares, the sellers and clients changing daily. The majority of the trading caravans that do business in Nexus base their operations here. Tucked into the corners of the districts are warehouses on one end, and merchant villas on the other.

The Golden Queen is an Archfey, and she personifies commerce. A savvy investor with interests of her own, the business of the Market District flows around her. In other fey demenses, the weather matches the mood of the lord. Here, the markets do.

The fey links are noticeable in more ways than one- the seasons of Nexus are tied to whatever part of the Feywild the Market District links to. When it touches on the domains of the Prince of Frost, cold and snow fall on Nexus. However, this seasonal affect is more pronounced here, and the summers are hotter, the winters colder.

The Temple District
Warden: Archcardinal Joanna Excelsior (Human Cleric)
Portal: The Astral

The Temple District is home to all manner of temples, cathedrals, and shrines, and almost any religion is welcome to practice in the district. In practice, temples to evil deities are scarcer. If there’s a bastion of light and goodness in Nexus, the Temple District is it.

The Warden, Archcardinal Joanna Excelsior is an Exarch of Erathis, the Goddess of Civilization. She does all she can to keep Nexus orderly and free, and often serves as mediator during negotiations between the other Wardens. She keeps a very close eye on temples to evil gods, especially chaotic evil ones. If their priests and followers don’t follow the laws of the Temple District, out they go.

The district’s portal is most often attuned to the Astral domain of Hestavar, but occasionally is attuned to other Astral domains.

University District
Warden: Grand-Provost Zhirilith (Mind Flayer)
Portal: The Underdark

The University District is home to four prestigious universities, several massive libraries, and a host of scholars, but it is also home to a massive slave market. The district is a prosperous one, but it comes with a reason that many of the students try to ignore: their tuition fees are kept low by the District’s many slaves.

The universities include a general academic college, two competing academies specializing in arcane magic, and a university specializing in psychic training. Several independent magical research organizations have ties to the universities, and many magical orders have lodges in the city.

The district’s portal links to the Underdark, but Zhirilith often moves the location. This is used to set up trading caravans with several Underdark locations, as well as to send research expeditions into the deepest depths of the world. Slaver caravans often come through the portal, bringing their wares each way.


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