D&D Nexus: Alistair Dalewynd

Alistair Dalewynd, Nexus Student

Alistair is in many ways a typical student of the colleges of Nexus’s University District- studied in a variety of subjects, trained in the arcane arts, possessed of a cunning mind, and sadly devoid of any moral compass. He is double majoring in two subjects- Dimensional Travel and Artificial Construct Design. This heavy coursework doesn’t leave him much time for leisure, especially not with his thesis coming due soon. Alistair is a mediocre artificer at best, and many of his constructs are knock-offs or derivatives of other’s work (a less generous term might be plagiarism.) However, he shines superbly at creating and manipulating small dimensional spaces, and can send and retrieve inanimate objects from them.

Alistair’s background places him originally as a younger son as a lord from Dalewynd, a small valley in the natural world. Feeling cheated out of an inheritance by his older siblings, he stole away from the valley one night, taking a good portion of the treasury with him (what he felt he was owed of course), relying on his guile, a few arcane tricks, and the stolen coin to help him make his way to a portal to the great fabled city of Nexus, where he might walk its hallowed halls and study amongst peers and equals.

Alistair Dalewynd, Nexus Student
Level 7 Controller (Leader)
Medium Natural Humanoid (Human)

Initiative +4
Senses Perception +5

HP 80, Bloodied 40
AC 20, Fortitude 19, Reflex 21, Will 21

Speed 6

Quarterstaff (Melee Basic Attack, Standard, At-Will)
+10 vs Fortitude, 1d8 + 4 damage

Icy Bolt (Standard, At-Will)
+11 vs Fortitude, Range 10. 1d8 + 5 cold damage, and the target is Slowed (save ends)

Icy Burst (Standard, Recharge 5-6)
Area Burst 1 Within 10
+11 vs Fortitude, 3d8 +5 cold damage, and the target is Slowed and Weakened (save ends both)

Arcane Teleport (Move, Encounter)
Alistair teleports 6 squares.

Dispel Magic (Standard, Encounter)
Targets any zone or conjuration within 10.
+11 vs Will of zone or conjuration’s creator. The conjuration or zone is destroyed, and all its effects end.

Alistair’s Banishment (Minor, At-Will, Close Burst 10)
Choose an ally in the burst with the Animate, Construct, or Homunculus keyword. That ally is banished to an extradimensional space, and can be returned with the Alistair’s Summoning or the Alistair’s Sudden Summoning ability.

Alistair’s Summoning (Move, At-Will, Close Burst 10)
Place one of Alistair’s previously banished allies in any space within the burst.

Alistair’s Sudden Summoning (No Action, Encounter, Close Burst 10)
At the start of any encounter involving Alistair, place any number of previously banished allies in any space within the burst.

Alignment: Unaligned. Languages: Common, Primordial
Skills: Arcana +12, Bluff +9, History +12

Strength 13 (+4), Constitution 16 (+6), Dexterity 13 (+4), Intelligence 19 (+7), Wisdom 14 (+5), Charisma 12 (+4)

Equipment: Quarterstaff, Robes


Alistair prefers to stay out of melee, using Icy Burst on clustered enemies to keep them from moving into range and keeping their attacks weak. He uses his Alistair’s Banishment and Alistair’s Summoning in the same turn to teleport his allies to any space within range. He uses this to keep his allies between him and his enemies, or to pull an ally out of a tight spot. If an enemy is using an annoying conjuration, he uses Dispel Magic to destroy it.

Encounters and Adventures

Academic Rivalry (Level 7- 1500 xp)

As a student at the Academy of Arcane Mastery, Alistair has inherited it’s great tradition of a rivalry with the Nexus College of Wizardry. And he isn’t exactly popular amongst his own fellows either. Someone, maybe an irked classmate, maybe someone from another school, maybe the PCs themselves if they’ve been wronged by Alistair in the past, has decided it’d be a good idea to trash his laboratory, to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately he’s in his lab at the time.

Alistair (Level 7 Controller)
2 Flameskulls (Level 8 Artillery, MM)
2 Iron Cobras (Level 6 Skirmisher, MM)

Trial by Combat (Level 8- 1700 xp)

Alistair’s been working to get his constructs up to par for a Tactical Examination- academic speak for combat. He needs some sturdy combatants- perhaps some adventurers will do. Alistair is strapped for cash, and can’t afford to hire mercenaries, and if a group of kind souls won’t agree to help test his constructs out of the kindness of their hearts, well, he’ll just have to ambush them later at a time of his choosing.

Alistair (Level 7 Controller)
4 Flameskulls (Level 8 Artillery, MM)

Pub Crawl (Level 8- 1725 xp)

Alistair’s out of a night on the town with a few of his friends. They’ve had a few drinks in them, and are ready to turn in for the night, when a chance encounter with the PCs and a perceived insult puts them at odds. Can the PCs tarry from whatever business they themselves have to deal with this cabal of unruly mages?

Alistair (Level 7 Controller)
Brain in an Armored Jar (Level 9 Artillery- Open Grave)
Eladrin Twilight Incanter (Level 8 Controller, MM)
Human Hexer (Level 7 Controller, MM2)
5 Human Lackeys (Level 7 Minion, MM)

Using Alistair as a Companion Character

If your party is small, lacks a controller, and are as mercenary as Alistair is, he might make a fine addition to your adventuring crew. If you use Alistair as a companion, make the following changes:

Hit Points: Alistair has 50 hit points as a companion. He also has 9 healing surges.
Abilities: Alistair’s Icy Burst becomes an Encounter power.
Alistair’s various summoning spells are likely both too complex for a companion and too narrow to be useful in the typical adventuring group. Replace all three of them with the following ability:
Alistair’s Teleport (Move, Encounter, Close Burst 10)
Teleport an ally in the burst to any other square in the burst you choose.


3 thoughts on “D&D Nexus: Alistair Dalewynd

  1. Sabe says:

    Wow, well done. Do any official publications take this approach for writing up an NPC, where you get companion stats and everything? If not, I hope they take your lead!

  2. Willow says:

    Not that I’m aware of- though the companion rules are fairly recent.

  3. oberonthefool says:

    Nice. The second one reminds me of a scenario I ran once (for a totally different game) where the PCs get a distress call from a scientist that her lab was under attack- when the PCs defeat the invader, it turns out to be the scientist who just couldn’t afford to hire someone to test her new powered armor.

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