Future Fantasy: Ammo Factor

Tracking individual shots isn’t really that fun. That’s why Future Fantasy introduces the Ammo Factor for most ranged weapons (and some melee weapons!).

Ammo Factor is a number from 1-20, but usually near the lower end of that. When you make an attack with a weapon with an Ammo Factor and the unmodified attack roll is equal or less than the Ammo Factor, you’ll have to reload after the attack is finished. Whether reloading is a move or a minor action depends on the weapon.

Weapons with a large clip size usually have an ammo factor of 1. A weapon with a smaller capacity, like a six-shooter, would have an ammo factor of 3. A pump action shotgun, which needs to be reloaded often, might have an ammo factor as high as 7 or even 10. A missile launcher, which needs to be reloaded after every shot, has an ammo factor of 20.

Some Soldier abilities might let you lower your ammo factor. Some Tactician abilities might lower the ammo factor of your allies. If you have to make multiple attacks with a single action, and fail the first ammo check, you still get to make the other attacks- you aren’t out of ammo until the end of the action.

What happens if you’ve got a 2-shot capacity shot gun and manage to keep making your checks? Clearly you were reloading during the enemy’s turn when you saw an opening. What happens if you fail your check turn after turn on your gun with a huge magazine? Either you’re wasting lots and lots of shots with burst fire, or you’ve got some dud clips.

This also opens for special ammunition one-shot items- use the clip, and you get the benefits (like heat seeking bullets, tracer rounds, or exploding bullets) until your clip runs out.


3 thoughts on “Future Fantasy: Ammo Factor

  1. Micah says:

    This is a great way to handle ammo without counting bullets. I love it.

  2. oberonthefool says:

    Clever. Are you familiar with the computer game X-Com: UFO Defense? I’ve wanted to make a minis/rpg out of that for years. This puts me in mind of that.

  3. Sabe says:


    What about rerolls? Do you always stick with the first roll for ammo purposes, or does whatever attack roll stands determine the check result?

    Abstract as it is, there’s a certain amount of “simulationist” sense to this system, too. Low numbers = misses and nearly-misses = rounds wasted.

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