Future Fantasy

So, I had thought a bit about a cyberpunky future game based on the 4E engine. I’ve thought a little bit more about the potential classes and what might differentiate them from D&D’s classes. So here’s a look at the Martial classes.

Soldier: The Defender
The Soldier is a ranged defender. One of the big differences of Future Fantasy would be a lot more ranged combat, emphasis on cover (especially moving between cover to get a clear shot and popping in and out) rather than melee flanking. The Soldier’s primary stat is Dexterity.
Like the fighter, the Soldier marks anyone he attacks, and can attack them if they shoot anyone other than him. Also, he has a number of attacks that do ‘suppressive fire’ which force enemies into cover or grant the soldier extra attacks.
The soldier is meant to have a balanced stat spread otherwise, potentially benefiting a little bit from all other stats. Strength gives access to heavy weapons like miniguns, Con is always useful for a defender. Wisdom gives a bonus against cover, and Charisma grants a ‘keep cool’ ability. Only thing Soldiers will probably skimp on is intelligence (and I still want a minor bennie for that too.)

Assassin: The Striker
The assassin is a ranged striker, similar to the archer ranger. Like the archer ranger, the Assassin has an “assassin’s quarry” feature. Unlike the ranger, the assassin does not have access to Twin Strike, but focuses on single attacks that are very damaging. The Assassin also has a few unarmed powers to help out if enemies manage to come into melee range. Assassins use Dexterity as a primary attack stat. The Living Weapon assassin uses Strength as a secondary, to augment the unarmed melee aspect of the class. The Cunning Killer uses Intelligence as a secondary, and prefers to stay back and snipe from a fixed position.

Razer: The Other Striker
The Razerboi/Razergrrl (or Razer for short) is the other martial striker. This is the melee class of the group, using Strength as the primary. The Razer is very akin to the melee ranger in that the focus is on abilities that grant multiple attacks per turn. Attacking with cybernetic weapon implants, instead of having a damage boost ability, they just deal lots of damage built into their attacks. Think twin strength that adds your strength mod.
The side builds are the Deadly Dancer, a dexterity based build focusing on mobility, and Graceful Glamor, a charisma based build focusing on defense.

Tactician: The Leader
The Tactician is very much like a ranged version of the warlord, with Intelligence as a primary. Most of his attacks have the weapon keyword, and could be either melee or ranged. This is the class I’m sketchiest about for potential class features or secondary attributes. I’m thinking lots of abilities that grant shifts to allies.


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