Future Fantasy: The Setting

I was agonizing over the choice of a default setting for Future Fantasy. How close to the real world? How many elements lifted directly from D&D? Nation states or completely balkanized? Then it hit me: collaborative/random worldgen.

So I scribbled some notes on randomly generated megacorps. Here’s a sample I rolled up just now:

I have three megacorps. One comes out of a mixed-race business partnership, and specializes in Consumer Goods, Resource Collecting, and Light Manufacturing. The first two suggest logging and paper harvesting- a company with a lock on the world’s forests, and control over paper towels and toilet paper. They make their own logging equipment, but the manufacturing arm is really aimed at household appliances. It’s owned by a partnership of elven and human interests. Arborea Corporation. For a Greener Future.

Next we’ve got a corporation run by a shadowy board of directors. No one knows their true identities. They deal in Security Services/Mercenaries, Heavy Manufacturing, and also Consumer Goods. How about controversial but powerful manufacturing giant Monolith Technologies, which uses its subsidiary Tower Security Solutions as a private mercenary army and interferes in small governments. It recently pulled a hostile takeover on a second-tier plastics company, and is making waves in the home consumer markets.

Lastly, we’ve got another mixed-race partnership, this time developing military hardware, also consumer goods, and also mercenaries. Iron Hammer Technologies, (the board dominated by dwarves and hobgoblins) specializes in military needs for a new century, with its massive goblinoid security specialists using the latest gear. Iron Hammer also specializes on ‘hearth defense’ and personal defense weapons.

So Monolith might be looking to ‘intervene’ in the lizardfolk jungle rebellion to get an edge in on the paper goods product, Monolith and Iron Hammer probably have a rivalry over security contracts, and Iron Hammer is probably looking at the juicy consumer goods field and looking to expand. And there’s also plenty of room for conflict within each corp. I think this oracular system is going to be a winner.


2 thoughts on “Future Fantasy: The Setting

  1. Anarchangel says:

    It seems like you have a system already, but in case it helps in some way…
    This made me think of 2e Shadowrun’s Corporation rating system. I don’t have the book with me, but from memory each corp had 10 or so ratings in various types of commercial activity – with the assumption that all the _Mega_corps had fingers in every pie, it was just a matter of how many fingers! You could mash that with the collaborative cluster generation system in Diaspora.

    These are an evocative set of posts. Though if I played in a world like this, I wouldn’t use D&D for it.

    And you’ve got me thinking about Shadowrun again.

  2. PatrickW says:

    Any chance at getting a peak at those corp. generation tables? That sounds like tons of fun to do, especially as writing exercises.

    Thank you for your time.

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