Future Fantasy: The Tech Power Source

The second power source for Future Fantasy is the Tech power source. This is the domain of characters who use technology, specifically a computer interface, as their primary means of combat- electronic warfare, remote machines, or other techniques. These guys will still probably pack a piece and pull a shot off here or there, but if they do, it’s probably coordinated with some sort of trick ammo or signal telemetry or some such technobabble. Tech powers are known as Hacks.

The Rigger: Tech Defender
The Rigger deploys Drones, which are minions. These minions fly around and follow the commands of the Rigger, and their attacks can mark enemies. The Distracting Rigger increases the attack penalty for not attacking a Drone, and the Punishing Rigger gains a reaction attack similar to those of conventional defenders. Once his drones are destroyed, he can deploy more, and many of his daily attacks deploy special drones. Drones are very much like summoned creatures.
The Rigger is based primarily on Intelligence, with Dexterity (reaction time) being the secondary for the Distracting Rigger, and Charisma (force of personality) being the secondary for the Punishing Rigger.

The Overwatch: Tech Leader
The Overwatch monitors the battlefield, focusing on enemy communications and movements, and communicates that to the entire team. The Overwatch has a lot of “spotter” abilities to focus fire or reward interarcing fields of fire- if an ally doesn’t have a clear shot but you do, you can let them ignore cover. The Overwatch also has a subtheme of reaction and defense. Since so much of it is based on perception, the Overwatch’s key ability is Wisdom. The Point Man uses Constitution to stay cool under enemy fire and lead from the front, whereas the Mission Control uses Intelligence to debuff enemies as it buffs allies.

The Crasher: Tech Controller
The Crasher is the classic hacker, breaking into hostile systems- computer databases, security systems, and enemy devices, turning their own toys against them. The Crasher likes to put ongoing effects on enemies, and uses Intelligence for its attacks. The Black Hat uses Charisma to add some extra potency to its attacks, making sure that hacked targets stay hacked. The White Hat adds a defensive flavor, adding a Wisdom component and adding the ability to grant saves, and possibly turn such hacks back against the enemy.

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