Future Fantasy: Mystic Classes

The third power source is the Mystic. Mystic characters use magic energy to channel spellpower. They might be erudite and educated, or as tempestuous as the force they command. Mystic attacks are known as Spells.

The Channeler: Mystic Striker
The Channeler is deeply linked to raw magical energy, and is a bright burning flame. The channeler has potent attacks, and has the ability to inflict damage on himself to increase their potency even further. The Channeler primarily uses Charisma for attacks. Constitution allows the Endless Font to channel almost unlimited power, and Intelligence allows the Font of Power to channel more intense bursts of power, albeit for shorter periods of time.

The Enchanter: Mystic Leader
The Enchanter weaves magic to protect and augment himself and his allies. Whether enchanting magic items in advance or on the fly, the Enchanter is a master of defensive and persistent magics. The Enchanter’s spells and techniques are mastered through years of study, and rely on the Intelligence attribute. Wisdom augments the Abjurer’s defensive capabilities, and Charisma gives the Rejuvenator additional healing prowess.

The Adept: Mystic Controller
The Adept is unmatched at controlling the battlefield, moving enemies around with a variety of push, pull, and slide effects. Based primarily on Wisdom, the Adept buffets its enemies with force effects, keeping them out of cover and in their allies lines of fire. The Forceful Adept (channeling the Adept’s Strength) is especially adept at moving a single target around at a time, whereas the Furious Adept (channeling the Adept’s Charisma) moves whole squads around.

The Summoner: Mystic Controller
The Summoner focuses on summoning allies and conjuring zones to control the battlefield. The Summoner has a number of encounter based summon spells, but can only maintain one summoned creature at a time- at the Heroic tier, anyway. The Summoner is based on Charisma, due to the presence needed to chain such elemental creatures. The Focused Summoner masters a specific type of summon, and gains extra benefits when using it. The Adaptive Summoner has a wider variety of possible summoned allies, and can use whatever is needed to suit the encounter at hand. Different ‘elements’ or types of Summons use different abilities for different benefits. Focused Summoners will want to focus on one secondary ability, whereas Adaptive Summoners get more out of spreading their secondary bonuses across several abilities.


One thought on “Future Fantasy: Mystic Classes

  1. oberonthefool says:

    I’m kind of getting a Red Star vibe from your descriptions, if you’re familiar with that series of comics and games. Not exactly the same, but similar in that it combines tech and magic towards militant ends. I dig it.

    (If you’re not familiar with The Red Star series, check it out, it’s quite good)

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