Future Fantasy: The Rigger

So, the level 1 Document for The Rigger is up. Take a look, tell me what you think, what’s overpowered, and what’s underpowered.

Right now the class is clocking in not quite as beefy as the other defenders, but that’s by design- you’re having your drones take the hits, not yourself. My first impulse is to design the class to be powerful- I want people to like it and immediately want to play it. I can always scale it back later, though there’s a power or two I think may end up in a higher level slot.

As it gains levels, in addition to having access to more variety, the Rigger gets Utility powers that have a variety of noncombat drones (like snoopers to spy, or do tasks at range), and Loadouts, which are like stances for your drones and summons.

(Tim says I need a different name for the class to differentiate it from other things. So technically right now it’s the Drone Rigger, and I’m accepting suggestions as to what the dude should be called.)


2 thoughts on “Future Fantasy: The Rigger

  1. Abram says:

    My thoughts are as follows:

    I like the class. Nice flavor, having four minions running around seems like fun. The Daily hacks seem good, the at-wills seem really nice without being too overpowered, as do most of the Encounter Powers.

    That said, I’m pretty much going into criticism from here, because that’s more useful.

    Drone Frenzy doesn’t seem that good, though, because it’s one more drone attacking than an at-will for an encounter.

    Drone Assault should probably read ‘up to 3’, to make it clear that you can(presumably) make an attack with just two against one target if that’s all you can do in the situation.

    Distracting Shot’s text on bottom is probably supposed to read ‘Distracting Rigger: The target takes….’

    Distracting Rigger is *way* too good. -6 to -7 mark on a minion at level 1, scaling to -10 to -12 at the end of Epic. This will pretty much make it so they *have* to attack the drone, and you can already dual mark far apart creatures. Punishing Rigger wouldn’t compare even if drones had a pretty good attack.

    For comparison: There are feats that make a fighter’s mark, where you are pressed to hit a party member with hit points that is usually adjacent to you, jump from 2 to 3. These are considered fairly strong feats, despite that the real problem with the fighter’s mark is Combat Challenge.

    Drone’s Ranged Basic Attack has no listed range. Also, it’s really bad – for comparison, most Beast Companions have Level+4 to hit, and deal 1dX+(creature’s stat) damage, which is usually higher, and are thought of as bad, since you can’t put the character’s damage bonuses on, they quickly become negligible. And these are attacks that are melee basic, and can thus normal opportunity attack without using actions now and then. I’d suggest making it an Implement attack which uses the Drone Rigger’s attack score and deals Int damage instead, so it benefits from properties as well, or making it level+int to hit if that seems too strong/odd.

    I suggest initial Drone Deployment should be a Free Action, Trigger: You Roll Initiative, purely because that’s what I’ve seen on similar powers. It works more naturally if surprised as well, I think. I also suggest both Deployment powers read ‘Drones last until end of encounter’ or changing the initial Deployment to read ‘Put up to four drones into play within 5 squares. You may not increase the number of drones beyond four in this way.’ or something, as otherwise you can presumably run around with a horde of drones by triggering a new batch each time you roll initiative. Depends if you want Riggers to be able to run around with their drones for extended times or not.

    There’s no text saying you can just make a drone make a basic ranged attack/bull rush/etc, although it seems intended. Also, can they drop/pick up items? Are they creatures? Do they count as allies, for the effects of powers/flanking? I’m not sure from reading if they primarily follow Summon rules, Animal Companion rules, Conjuration rules, or something entirely different.

    I’m not sure if it’s intended or not, but as written Drone’s basic attacks will provoke opportunity attacks if an enemy is right next to them. Unless they aren’t creatures.

    Drones have no stated maximum range from Rigger, meaning you can scout with them an insane amount.

  2. Willow says:

    Thanks Abram, that’s just the sort of feedback I’m looking for.

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