Future Fantasy: Weapons and Armor

So, it’s been a while since my last update. I’ve been crazy busy, working lots, attending local conventions, and also putting some touches on a secret project that should be up any day now.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you, internet.

Here’s a present: an equipment list of modern arms and armor, suitable for Future Fantasy, or other modern/future D&D games.


7 thoughts on “Future Fantasy: Weapons and Armor

  1. Sabe says:

    Is the link busted? It doesn’t appear to go anywhere.

  2. Abram says:

    I managed to find the link through the drone rigger and guessing. The idea of a Soldier with a Sniper Rifle amuses me.

    Revolvers never get an ammo type in the text, as far as I can tell.

    The Superior Melee weapons seem roughly even to Military grade core 4e weapons, which means that it’ll generally be better to use a Bastard Sword, unless you’re using a Gunblade for the ranged attack or need a feat to use with it. Or a Greataxe instead of a Chainsaw to save the need for a superior feat/ammo. I guess you can’t use special ammo with greataxes, but it still leaves Telescoping Sword kinda niche.

    Also, is the Mini-Chainsaw supposed to be +2/1d8? It’s strictly inferior to the Gunblade, if so… unless there’s some awesome chainsaw feats/powers, I suppose.

    Do you get the +1 damage bonus from versatile when firing the pistol if you’re wielding the gunblade with both hands? I could see arguments either way.

    The Heavy Rifle is +range and +a die size to the normal rifle, with the normal Rifle only being 1 less ammo. Maybe the Rifle it would work better in simple ranged weapons? I tend to think that about the Rebel Rifle and Short Rifle too, +2/1d8 military weapons just seem like they’d never get used next to Assault and Heavy Rifle(except for small creatures, but it seems unfair that they get a range knockdown and possibly have to spend a feat just to pick up a semi-decent 2-handed weapon).

    I’d just straight up halve the armor bonus/reduce the weapon dice from archaic weapons, unless you’re planning to have a lot of archaic weapon vs archaic weapon battles, or give them both a -2 penalty to armor/to hit or something if you want archaic weapon vs archaic armor to turn out the same.

  3. Willow says:

    Link should be fixed. I was formatting it wrong.

    Oops, Revolver ammo. Also, yeah, Soldiers with Sniper Rifles will probably be pretty gross.

    What would you do to bring the melee weapons more into line with core weapons?
    (And no, you can’t twohand your Gunblade to buff the gun portion.)

    The Short Rifle was originally intended to be the shortbow counterpart (Heavy Rifle=Longbow), but I see I nerfed the range. Maybe I should nix one of the rifles.

    The Rebel Rifle is supposed to be a cheap, less efficient version, but with its own bonus. I think I’m comfortable having it be ‘underpowered.’ The SMG has two advantages over the rifle that aren’t immediately apparent from the document- SMGs are easier to conceal, and there’s a feat that lets you one-hand a SMG.

    Also, I noticed none of my ranged weapons have the off-hand property. This is key for guns-akimbo style.

  4. Willow says:

    And honestly, I don’t think anyone will actually run around with archaic weapons and stuff. The option is there if someone insists on it. And technically, magic Scale is better than magic Heavy Assault Armor.

  5. Abram says:

    …It links to dronerigger.pdf instead of equipment.pdf, now. c_c

    And yeah, running around with archaic weapons suggestion was more was more ‘this seems needlessly complex/annoying when it comes up’ then ‘it seems unbalanced’ – I understand it’s not supposed to be good.

    The Gunblade is good, if a bit situational – you can dual wield guns while also going Melee with it, which is nice. I mean, if there were off-hand guns.

    I’d bump Mini-Chainsaw up to 1d10 damage, and bump Combat Chainsaw up to 2d6 damage – slight damage buff will make it more competitive, and rolling 2 dice with combat chainsaw just seems like fun.

    Telescoping sword is in a wierd place – it’s concealable, for a die size damage less than a Bastard Sword, which seems less than good. You could either tack another property on it(maybe off-hand?), or give it a bump up to 1d10 and pretty much obsolete the Bastard Sword.

    The issue with rifles is more that Rifle/Rebel Rifle/Short Rifle, while balanced with each other, are all markedly worse than Heavy Rifle/Assault Rifle, which makes me think they should be simple weapons. They’d all be competitive without being auto-picks if they were at simple weapon, I think – Rebel Rifle would be the only 2-handed weapon with Autofire, for example.

    Also, now that I think about it, a one-handed superior ranged weapon might be nice.

    Sniper Rifle seems overpowered, the more I look at it, but I’m not sure if you want to knock the damage down to 1d8.

    I’d also knock Rocket Launcher up to 2d6 – you’re spending a move+minor on it pretty much every turn, plus the cost of ammo, so it can be a little better – unless, of course, Heavy is just so awesome that having Ranged Heavy is awesome. Or access to the special Rocket ammo is just that awesome.

  6. Willow says:

    Another trick with the Sniper Rifle might be to knock the range down to something more reasonable, and add a property that boosts it to 30/60 if you spend a minor action aiming. I feel like this might be too clunky for D&D though.

  7. Abram says:

    Could change it to proficency +1, and the bonus changes to +3 if you spend a minor action aiming it – then the bonus works kinda like a shotgun, and is less clunky than range changing, and less unfair as an immediate reaction.

    Reversed normal range rules, where it’s 10/60, and you’re -2 to hit with with it within 10 squares, and otherwise no penalty, might be interesting too.

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