Future Fantasy: The Soldier

Here’s the second class to look at for Future Fantasy- the Soldier, a Martial Defender. This guy’s got all the beef of the fighter, but he’s packing a really big gun.


3 thoughts on “Future Fantasy: The Soldier

  1. Abram says:

    I really like the flavor here. Jump Into Cover, Guns Blazing and One Bullet Left are pretty awesome in a thematic sense. You can just carry around an extra gun with no backup ammo for One Bullet Left, but it still thematically becomes a pretty special thing when you pull the gun out, so maybe that’s not a problem.

    They’re dependent on multiple attributes, but large for class features rather than the feats the Fighter was dependent on, which I find interesting.

    Soldier’s Challenge doesn’t specify if it’s an opportunity attack, immediate interrupt, immediate reaction, or free action.

    Keep your Cool seems odd in that I’ve never seen anything else reduce penalties for effects. Also, numbers scale differently(Reducing ongoing damage by 4 is probably less effectual than reducing attack penalty by 4). Also, have a +2 to +6 to your saving throw against charm/fear effects is already fairly decent.

    Suppressive Fire is broken, since moving, dropping prone, using an immediate interrupt, taking an opportunity attack, etc, are actions. It’s basically ‘you’re stunned or I take a free attack on you’ if they don’t have cover, and you don’t need to hit with it. Even more broken if it stacks with Soldier’s Challenge(depends on which kind of action Challenge uses). And it’s on an at-will. This is much much better than Firehawk. Firehawk is pretty good. Also, it’s not particularly useful to surpress a large group, so the at-will is probably more useful than the burst powers in surpression terms.

    Wide Burst is way better than Focused Burst – +2 to attack with full damage is much better than +2 damage, particularly at higher levels. I’d have the Focused Burst damage scale in some way.

    Aim for the Kneecaps is a save ends on a first level encounter power. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Save Ends on an encounter attack power. Slow isn’t hugely valuable in a ranged heavy game… except against a pure melee monster, who will feel the full effects since everyone can move to range 10 easily.

    Spray and Pray is like a Ranger encounter power… pretty much exactly like it. This gives them striker-level focus fire. Is this intended?

    Battlefield Sense is an encounter power you will be using each round, at the start of the round. No tactical decision-making, unlike the Daily initiative boosts. This makes me think it should be a Soldier Feat instead.

    Fight through the Pain is presumably a Immediate Interrupt? Possibly a Free Action, but you don’t usually see Free Actions like that. Seems a little weak, even if bloodied, Strength+Con shouldn’t be significantly higher than either one on their own.

    I’d add a slight bonus to hit or damage or something on Weapon Mastery. As cool as using any weapon is, it’s kind of situational, and Soldiers have some of the best proficencies around.

    Autofire is definitely the best supported so far – Heavy only has one level 1 encounter, Autofire has 3 at-wills, 2 encounters, and a daily at first level. Particularly since Suppressive Fire is so good.

  2. Willow says:

    Thanks for all the feedback!

    The idea with Suppressive Fire is that it goes off after they take their first action- if they spend their first action moving to take cover, you don’t get to take a shot. (But it’s still pretty good with stuff like say, slow or immobilize.)

    Most of the Heavy Weapon stuff is going to be higher level.

    • Abram says:

      That makes a lot more sense.

      Still, I’d phrase it as

      Trigger: An enemy Suppressed by you takes an action, and does not have cover or concealment against you by the end of that action.


      Trigger: An enemy Suppressed by you finishes an action, and does not have cover or concealment against you.

      to make it more explicit.

      If you read it wrong currently, even if you realized it happened after the action finished, you could still easily think that you got a shot even if someone moved into cover/concealment, but after they did so.

      Also, I’d watch out for making the Overwatch have too much synergy with suppressive fire.

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