Here is the big secret project I’ve been working on: WAR!

It’s mass battle rules for D&D 4th edition, using the standard skirmish combat rules, and expanding them outward, including rules for standard units, player character commanders buffing their units, and an antagonistic army- gnolls!

future development is going to add more bad guy armies and expand the scope towards the paragon tier. But right now, you can play a war with this right out of the box at the heroic tier and kill hundreds of gnolls.

2 thoughts on “War!

  1. Abram says:

    Being able to subtract damage to a troop equal to your healing surge value will make fights last much longer. A typical leader at heroic, with the most surge accessing powers, will have 4-5ish ways to access healing surges, while typically others will have 1-2. This gives everyone all their full number of surges, which is like… roughly 8-12, usually. Plus giving the leaders the ability to do surgeless healing bump them above that.

    And being able to expend daily powers for three different possibly personal attacks each is going to make for more analysis paralysis, I think. Could make people choose them before combat starts.

    Also, if you want to give troops limited access to their leader’s powers, could just give them
    Recharge(5,6): Use and expend a power from the leader, functioning on the army scale.

    You’re already allowing summoning and the like, so I don’t think the power level of abilities players are already familiar with would be massively different.

  2. Willow says:

    Those are pretty good points. The intent is that it’s not just the only combat of the day, so you won’t want to blow all your surges on it.

    That’s an interesting way of handling it too. War! is supposed to be smaller range and things like teleports are supposed to be a bit rarer. I’d like to do a playtest of these rules at some point, see what happens, and then maybe incorporate some of your suggestions- not having to come up with unit scale attacks would certainly make my life easier!

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