Best of Dominion, Part III

So, it’s been a while since I talked about Dominion. What are my favorite cards from Seaside?

10: Pirate Ship
Okay, I actually hate the Pirate Ship. But it is a game-changing card. Play lots of Pirate Ships early, then play them later for massive money making. It also makes other players think twice about buying money.

9: Island
Island is a great card- it encourages you to buy points early, because it lets you score points while getting them out of your deck. Normally points are something you don’t want in your deck early- Island reverses that trend.

8: Lighthouse
What I like most about the Lighthouse is that it’s the opposite of the Moat. The Moat you play after the attack, Lighthouse you play before. When you’re playing an attack card, you don’t know if they have a Moat, but you can tell if they have a Lighthouse. It’s a bit weaker in that regard, but changes the paradigm. 2 coins (1 this turn, 1 the next), however, is quite strong.

7: Haven
Haven is probably one of the best of the 2 cost cyclers, letting you shelve a card for next turn- an extra action, half of a combo if you think you might be able to put it to better use, extra coins if you have more than you need.

6: Outpost
Taking two turns in a row is always fun, especially if you got a combo with some of the other duration cards. The fact that you only get 3 cards makes it less strong, but if you have lots of cards like the Caravan or the Haven, you can make that turn much more potent than it would be otherwise.

5: Navigator
The Navigator is a great card. 2 money, and look at your top five cards, and discard or rearrange them. Don’t like the hand you’ll get next turn? Ditch it! Comboing the Navigator with extra actions and card draw? Choose exactly what you’re going to draw. Or combo with the Pearl Diver to put bad cards on top of your deck before discarding them.

4: Treasure Map
The Treasure Map is one of those cards that you look at it, and need to make sure you read it right. Put four gold on top of your deck. Yeah, it’s pretty darn good. But you need two of them, which can make it risky to pay off. Best with other deck manipulation cards (like the Haven, Navigator, or Pearl Diver, for example.)

3: Fishing Village
My favorite variant on the village, and the most powerful. Over two turns, it gives 3 extra actions and 2 coins, for the low cost of 3. Nuff said.

2: Smugglers
My personal pick for most fun card, Smugglers always get you something good. While you have less choice compared to say, the Workshop, the ability to get 5 and 6 cost cards is potent. And your opponents will buy those cards if they can. I’ve seen the Gold deck run out because of Treasure Maps, Smugglers, and the Explorer, a 3-card combination I call “Dominion on Crack.”

1: Tactician
No card in the set is more interesting than the Tactician. You’re essentially giving up one turn of buys (unless you have +coin actions) for a super-turn, and a super-turn it is: 10 cards, 2 actions, 2 buys. Typically you can do more with 10 cards than you could do with 5 cards twice, which makes this such a great card.

Honorable Mentions:
The Explorer, part of the trifecta of Dominion on Crack, the very potent Merchant Ship, the potent Treasury, the targeted-curse Embargo, and the interesting Ambassador, who gets rid of your junk and gives it to the other players.


One thought on “Best of Dominion, Part III

  1. oberonthefool says:

    One of the players at my regular group won a game by buying Curses and Ambassadoring them into everybody else’s decks.

    I hate the Pirate Ship almost as much as I hate the Swindler. It doesn’t break the game like the Swindler does, but it can make the game drag the hell out forever and make it almost pointless for anybody else to do anything, depending on the cards available.

    This is a great series of posts, btw.

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