Future Fantasy: The Assassin

I’ve been playing a lot of Mass Effect recently, which has put me in the mood to work on Future Fantasy. Here’s the first five levels of a class which I thought would be easy, but wasn’t: the Assassin, a class which totally isn’t a reskinned ranger. It looks like a reskinned ranger, but trust me, it isn’t.

Check out the PDF here!


6 thoughts on “Future Fantasy: The Assassin

  1. Willow says:

    Tim says I should pick a different name, since ‘Assassin’ technically exists in D&D. Right now, top contenders are the Hitman and the Killer.

  2. Sabe says:

    “Hitman” gets my vote.

  3. Sabe says:

    Immediate double-take on the “Unarmed Assault” at-will, and some similar powers.

    1) Unarmed attacks are kinda weird in D&D4: “unarmed” is a weapon. 😛 If my understanding of the rules is correct, removing the Weapon keyword means you don’t get your proficiency bonus to the attack roll. I think these *are* Weapon-keyword powers, but need “Requirement: You must use an unarmed attack with this power.”

    2) I think I get the idea behind having two stat mods on both attack and damage: since you have to use an unarmed attack, you won’t benefit from enhancement bonuses. Doesn’t this fence off your design space, though? It means you can never incorporate spiked gauntlets, Ki Foci, enchanted brass knuckles, etc. etc. without fear of unbalancing this power. Is that what you mean to do?

  4. oberonthefool says:

    Heh. This just reminds me of Zealous1’s take on FPS Doug.

    The song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v91AFb2-NqM
    The original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovsVU6mktOw

  5. Abram says:

    I think Hitman works better too. ‘Killer’ as a class implies value of life is low, and that’s gonna make the tone a little darker, IMO. Unless that’s what you’re going for, of course.

    Assassin’s Quarry could probably be spelled out a little more clearly – I assume it works like Hunter’s Quarry or Warlock’s Curse in how the damage is applied, but I could read it to deal autodamage without hitting as is.

    Shove and Shoot is probably better than any other at-will attacks this class has going on, damage-wise, because multi-attacks are good(Unless you cut down on static damage adds). Even in that case, forced movement + attack powers are good.

    I like a lot of the encounter powers, but the at-will powers, Shove and Shoot aside, feel as bland to me as ranger at-wills(Of course, rangers only use Twin Strike, but still).

    Confounding Shot is like a strongish encounter power, but it’s a pretty weak daily. 1[w] and daze? I think the rogue has a level 1 or 3 encounter power like that.

    It’s odd to me that your unarmed proficency gives you 1d8, but all of the unarmed powers do 1d6.

    The Living Weapon seems to be getting a lot of nice stuff, really – it can move to the range game after getting close for the Quarry, and it gets basic melee attacks and a fortitude defense. Compared to this, the Cunning Killer gets the power to… choose it’s target. Which is nice, I suppose.

    The different targeting systems is interesting, seems to be one of the main differences. On a related note, Assassin’s Discipline is head and shoulders above the other utility powers, being a very strong at-will utility. I see no reason a Living Weapon would not pick it up every time, making them more like a melee ranger.

    I feel like BOOM – HEADSHOT! is particularly weak utility-wise, as it’s pretty conditional, and not that awesome(basically, an improved crit once/encounter). I’d add ‘knocks prone’ or something – even if it’s encounter, it’s not going to happen every encounter, unless there’s some sort of critfisher build.

    Of note, the Living Weapon can switch their quarry to anyone adjacent on anyone else’s turn. Not sure if that was intended. With Clear Opportunity, that means if anyone at all provokes an opportunity attack from them, they can take a ranged attack and a melee attack against that person without provoking OAs. Well, once per encounter.

  6. Willow says:

    I modeled that unnarmedness on the monk, who has basically the same class feature, but all of its unarmed attacks are weaponless and use various damage dice. Of course, the monk has the benefits of implements.

    I set them up without the weapon keyword for the very reason Sabe mentioned, though he brings up good points.

    Assassin’s Quarry is the same as Hunter’s Quarry- the Living Weapon can’t quarry everyone because it’s 1/turn. Should make that clearer.

    Shove and Shoot requires you to have a one-handed ranged weapon, so it won’t be the damage output of the other at-wills.

    Cunning Killer is supposed to have all the intelligence buffs. Check out the synergy between it’s class feature and Deadly Shot. (Oh, I made a error in Clear Shot- that’s supposed to be Cunning Killer, of course.) The fact that the Cunning Killer’s attributes effect the same defense is not something I had considered.

    Assassin’s Discipline is designed to be pretty useful. I probably won’t change it, but I may end up increasing the level of the power.

    I also feel that BOOM HEADSHOT! is weak. I considered an effect that maximizes damage from critical hit enhancements, but felt that would scale too well with level for a level 2 power.

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