Wicked Nights Playtest Results

I ran a playtest tonight of Wicked Nights, my vampire IAWA hack. Good times- horribly grotesque situation, morally dreadful characters, and some horrible events. (Wasn’t too much in the way of gross imagery in play, but there was certainly the potential for it to go there.)

Rules wise, we tested Use It, Risk It, and my Simplified NPC Dice rules. Use It Risk It was a hit, and I enjoyed the ease of use of Simplified NPC Dice. I think I want to put both to further practice, but they showed promise.

The creating vampire rules seemed good- it puts the player doing it in quite a bit of a risk, making you vulnerable. Also, the vampires seemed sufficiently inhuman and nasty. Good deal.

Good playtest. Looking forward to more!


One thought on “Wicked Nights Playtest Results

  1. Tim says:

    And the oracle we used was Blood, Sex and Lies.

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