Future Fantasy: The Summoner

The Summoner is the first of FF’s mystic classes to get the writeup treatment. This was a tough one to write- as the Assassin is totally not a Ranger, the Summoner is totally not a Wizard. I played around with the economy of summons, making all the summoner’s encounter powers summons. Yes, all of them. The daily and at-will powers are where the summoner has access to its other spells, attacks which don’t depend on commanding your summoned stuff.

The Summoner!

5 thoughts on “Future Fantasy: The Summoner

  1. Sabe says:

    Some really clever stuff here. I like the special effects off Action Points, and having all encounter attacks be summons is gutsy but works. A couple of comments:

    – Adaptive Summoner getting all the elemental specials is cool. Adaptive Summoner needing to have the book (or books, if Future Fantasy ever got a Mystic Power supplement or something 😉 in her lap to look up what power she wants on an Action Point, calculate the modifiers for it on the fly, etc. is not. It’s a very pre-4e way of designing a caster. Why not take a page from, say, the Channel Divinity mechanic, and have multiple, but preselected, summons available per encounter attack power “slot”? You could even keep the Action Point effect, allowing you to use a different power from an already expended slot.

    – “Any other Summoner Summons you control are destroyed” is repeated for every encounter power. This begs for a keyword- and exception-based design. Come up with a keyword for the sort of thing that a “Summoner Summon” is, and put the rule that you can have only one active at a time in the keyword definition. Powers that break the mold, if there are or will be any, can have the keyword but “Special: This does not end any previous KEYWORD power you have active”. I’d recommend that as opposed to just losing the keyword, since a missing keyword is very easy to overlook, and besides, there may be other rules for how to handle these summons you’d want to include in the keyword.

  2. Willow says:

    Yeah, I have that concern too, off too much math on the fly. One option is something like the Wizard’s spellbook, where you pick a backup power at each level, or picking only one level to be able to do your thing, so you have four extra powers to choose from, instead of like 16 at a higher level. Good advice on the keyword thing.

    One thing I noticed post writeup: holy push effects! That also overlaps a lot with my other proposed Mystic Controller, the Adept, which is supposed to be all about forced movement. Maybe tone down the Summoner’s forced movement powers? Maybe replace Force with another element? Like the Darkmind Summoner, who controls necrotic energy?

  3. Sabe says:

    Darkmind Summoner: very yes! Your cyberpunk game needs somebody who can call up ghosts and freaky pollution sludge monsters.

  4. Willow says:

    Plus, it fits with the mods for Tieflings being all dark and stuff.

  5. Abram says:

    I agree with what Sabe said. In addition, with a keyword for destructasummons, you could just give them summoning powers that work outside the system(some dailys, perhaps?) with less problems.

    HP/AC/surges seems low given that it’s a class with a lot of melee summons – choosing Icefist or Stormfist focus seems particularly bad, since they don’t give any boosts to any of these things.

    I assume Icy Fist/Forceful Intellect are free actions, this should probably be spelled out.

    At-wills largely seem good. I believe Kinesis is supposed to do extra damage based on Wisdom for forceful summoner? I really like Rockhide Burst, I haven’t seen a at-will power that says ‘help a surrounded ally’ as explicitly.

    The Earthy Mound seems a little bland compared to other 1st level encounters, is this to make up for them getting the best stat? Seems better to use your at-wills, unless you really need to block a space. I’d probably take another power every time. All the other summons look fun/interesting, though.

    Conjure Earth at-will looks really fun, and the least situational of the five.

    The dailys look pretty good, but it isn’t obvious how Scorchwave works with Adaptive Summoner.

    Looks like a fun class to run.

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