Future Fantasy: The Overwatch

The Overwatch represents my first attempt at designing a leader. Man, leaders are tough to design. I feel like I’m really all over the place on this, with lots of powers that feel more defendery or controllery than anything else. However, I feel like I am tapping some cool design space with the Communications Tap and the focus on Immediate Actions.

Anyway, Overwatch!

3 thoughts on “Future Fantasy: The Overwatch

  1. Abram says:

    These powers look decently leaderish to me, largely.

    Communications Tap is pretty conditional. It’s a standard action, isn’t that great in combat, and isn’t particularly useful out of combat unless you crit. Thus, it’s probably going to be used even less than the Wizard’s cantrips. Maybe give them some kind of conditional offensive bonus useable as an immediate interrupt while they have someone tapped to make it worth using/throwing off in combat, or make it less noticeable for out of combat utility?

    Strategic Advice is the weakest leader heal-power I’ve seen. Is it intentional, part of making healing in general weaker? I think it would be cooler thematically if it functioned on any ally who could hear you, although that might be pretty insane in other ways.

    Call My Shot is pretty much the best at-will available to Overwatches that I see. It’s pretty amazing for a Point Man at first level(+3 bonus to hit on a basic attack is better than Commander’s strike, I think?). Mission Control has a wierd issue – it’s just a basic attack at level 1, and then scales to be a +6 to hit bonus, which is pretty great, at level 30.

    Opening Shot is okay for when you can’t Call My Shot, I guess. Triangulate Shot is pretty much worse than it, being highly situational, but I guess it’s less risky. It seems like all of them are +accuracy powers, though

    Smack and Hack seems normally useless unless enemies talk a lot, for the same reasons Communications Tap is.

    Buy Some Time seems kinda weak, unless someone gets repeatable minor action attacks/really good minor repeatable actions. Maybe have the minor action as an effect, like the Shaman’s ‘Spirit of The Tempest’?

    Encounter 1s look largely good. Cross Fire gives you better damage, Draw Fire gives you better control, Smart Fire is a really good burst, and Moment of Inspiration heals. All very reasonable choices, although I like Smart Fire best. Communications Blackout isn’t very good, though, as Deafened is pretty much the weakest status condition, and it’s not worth it just to get an implement attack vs will once/encounter.

    Daily 1s seem good/interesting. Lead from the Shadows is oddly strikery, though. Simultaneous Action seems *really* strong, although I had to read it a couple times to understand what it did, precisely. Immediate Reaction 3w attack + shifting an action point to those who can use them better=good.

    Utility 2s. Boost Signal has a minor typo, should be ‘Until end of encounter, you and allies within 5…’, dropping the ‘while’. Seems highly conditional to party type/situation, but not bad. The utility 2s seem good in general. Field Medic and Move in Unison are situational, but they both seem potentially really good. Catch seems like it could lead to crazy fun stuff – I can imagine two or more people tossing the best gun between them, or one person reloading for the other one… but that wouldn’t be that broken considering they’re spending up their Immediate actions on them. Act in Unison seems fairly weak, but is perhaps the least situational power of the level.

    Encounter 3s… Mark Position is insane, compare it to Warlord’s Favor, considered a very good Encounter 1 attack, in a fully ranged party. There’s two attacks that create ‘save ends’, one in a burst. One of them even creates a zone that apparently lasts until end of encounter? Seems closer to dailys than encounters, from what I’m familiar with. Targeting Shot seems a little more reasonable. The other attacks seem decent.

    Daily 5s. These all seem really good without being too crazy. Overseer’s Stance could be pretty awesome with Sustain Standards, and Lookout’s Stance looks like fun, crazy amounts of control in that power. It’s odd to me that Lookout’s Stance doesn’t come with an attack, purely because the other 4 come with 2W attacks, so it breaks the theme.

    Utility 6s are as conditional as Utility 2s, largely. Take the bullet looks like a lot of fun, if not neccessarily that great, Firewall and Area Tap seem pretty situational. Walking Eye seems super situational. Reactive Recovery is the best saving throw granting utility I’ve seen.

    Overall, the class looks interesting, although the at-will abilities and features seem rather weak – except for Call my Shot. I imagine you’d just spam that constantly, but it’s a situational power. Seems like the weakest class in Future Fantasy so far.

  2. Willow says:

    Thanks Abram. I was thinking that the Overwatch would be less heal-focused than other leaders, which is what I went for with the heal- the heal is weaker, but it comes along with a tactical bonus.

    One thing I thought about when statting Call My Shot is that FF is only supposed to scale to level 20. So potentially +5 at the endgame. Indeed, screwy. It’s supposed to be more of a Point Man power anyways. You make a good point that it’s heavy on the boost accuracy. Maybe one of those should boost damage instead.

  3. Abram says:

    I was comparing it to the Runepriest, which gets the normal heal progression, better boosts, and better choice with their Rune of Mending. Runepriest is pure melee, which usually means they get a little more powerful stuff, but the difference is still striking.

    If Mission Control got a damage bonus on Call My Shot, it would be a more consistent power level differential between the two – at Epic, +3 to hit is still probably better than +6 damage.

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