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More Money For Games

I was taking a look at my publishing/sales history. Tim thought some people might find the numbers interesting.

Most of my physical book sales have been made in person. I’ve sold 34 copies of Awesome Adventures and 10 of Escape through Lulu, but many more in person, particularly at Gencon 2009. (Hell, I sold 3 of Escape to friends at Gencon 2010).

PDF sales are much higher: 110 of Awesome Adventures, and 26 of Escape. In both cases I make more from a print sale, but I’ve made more total money from PDF sales. I hope these sales will increase- both my games will be going live soon through Drive Thru RPG.

Total, I’ve made just shy of $1000 through internet sales. My physical sales records are a bit spottier, but the total profit is probably similar (more money per book, but no PDF sales).

Not bad for a business with minimal start up costs!

Gencon 2010 Rundown

Here’s some stuff I saw/did/bought/experienced at Gencon 2010.

Drive up. Wake up ungodly early, pick up Shari and Amelia ungodly early, drive out. Tim mostly drove; I drove part of the way. We stopped at Shari’s favorite Starbucks, almost got lost around Bloomington, but finally made it to the convention center and got our badges. I played some Shadowfist with the Daniel and Red over at their hotel.

Thursday morning I spent most of my time in the exhibit hall with Tim; we have very different con-going strategies- his is much more paced and deliberate; I don’t have patience to wait in crowds, and am more likely to skip a whole row of booths and come back to them later. Picked up my copy of Apocalypse World. Yay! Played in the Shadowfist Exclusive Invitational. Won it again- 2 years in a row, woohoo! Also picked up the new Dominion expansion: Prosperity. Lots of big expensive stuff.

Drafted Shadowfist. Played a decent deck, got 2nd place. Friday night was the ENnies. There was some confusion about when exactly it was supposed to start; the schedule for the ticket didn’t match the description on the website, which didn’t match the actual time frame. I wasn’t on the bouncer’s shortlist for the industry reception, which annoyed me highly, since I was friggin’ nominated, but managed to get in.
I was a little disappointed that Tentacle City didn’t do better, but I ended up accepting John Harper’s award for him (on a whim, since he wasn’t there). I got to present it to him later at the hotel, and that was very fun. Then more gaming.

Saturday being cosplay day, I started wearing my Zoey costume, and then switched to my pretty pretty princess dress that Shari bought me- I got a lot of compliments and requests to have my picture taken (including a groom’s wedding party just outside our hotel)
Shadowfist Final Brawl- World Championships. I played my Jade Willow deck, and won big twice, lost big twice- a decent record, but not enough to get into the final four. Tim Linden won with a very tight Morse Code Poet deck. Congrats!
Then I played a magic draft wearing my princess dress. I drafted a mean red/black deck, but got manascrewed and lost the first round. Still had a good time. I like draft.
Later played a playtest with Ron and Emily of my Casino Heist Game (while Tim was playtesting Daniel Perez’s Vampire Hack). There are still problems with the math (I feel the players have too generous a resource pool), but the play framework was great and everyone had fun. (And they especially liked my writeup of the Big Chief casino.) A good playtest- only agonizing for me at times, and revealed a lot about how the game works (or more often, doesn’t).

Sunday I played in the Ritual of the Unnameable Shadowfist Tournament (one of the ‘fun’ formats). I thought it was three rounds, so I left to get lunch after round three and didn’t come back. The TO called me to try to rope me back in, but I was already sitting down at the restaurant. Sorry guys!
Later, more exhibit hall, demoing games, and stuff. Dinner at Spaghetti Factory, a very nice restaurant. Then various conversations and games at the hotel.

Breakfast, pack, drive back. Sleep.

Stuff Bought:
Apocalypse World physical book + extra set of character sheets
Mars Colony final version
Burning Wheel Adventure Burner
Clory to Rome! Card Game
Claustrophobia Board Game
D&D Minis, and a battlemap.