More Money For Games

I was taking a look at my publishing/sales history. Tim thought some people might find the numbers interesting.

Most of my physical book sales have been made in person. I’ve sold 34 copies of Awesome Adventures and 10 of Escape through Lulu, but many more in person, particularly at Gencon 2009. (Hell, I sold 3 of Escape to friends at Gencon 2010).

PDF sales are much higher: 110 of Awesome Adventures, and 26 of Escape. In both cases I make more from a print sale, but I’ve made more total money from PDF sales. I hope these sales will increase- both my games will be going live soon through Drive Thru RPG.

Total, I’ve made just shy of $1000 through internet sales. My physical sales records are a bit spottier, but the total profit is probably similar (more money per book, but no PDF sales).

Not bad for a business with minimal start up costs!


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