The Best of Everything: Edition Wars

Best Edition of D&D: 4th Edition
Best Edition of 3rd Edition D&D: “3.5” Edition
Best Edition of FATE: Awesome Adventures
Best Edition of the World of Darkness: The “New” World of Darkness
Best Edition of Vampire: Vampire: The Requiem
Best Edition of Mage: Mage: the Awakening
Best Edition of Savage World: Explorer’s Edition
Best Edition of Deadlands: Deadlands: Reloaded (original requires too much houseruling/extrapolation to be playable as written. This is not hyperbole.)
Best Edition of Burning Wheel: Revised
Best Edition of Dogs in the Vineyard: Revised Printing
Best Edition of The Shadow of Yesterday: The one with better art on the cover.
Best Edition of Shadowrun: 4th Edition
Best Edition of HERO: 6th Edition
Best Edition of Paranoia: XP
Best Edition of Exalted: First Edition
Best Edition of Call of Cthulhu: Trail of Cthulhu
Best Edition of Legend of the Five Rings: d20 Oriental Adventures
Best Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: 3rd Edition shows promise, but I have some concerns about playability.
Best Edition of the Mountain Witch: One that’s in print.
Best Edition of the Pool: Lady Blackbird


5 thoughts on “The Best of Everything: Edition Wars

  1. oberonthefool says:

    Wait, are you saying TMW is back in print?

  2. Sabe says:

    What’s different about the revised edition of DitV? I’m not sure which one I have.

    Also curious about your pick of Exalted 1 over the revised version. I’m about equal on the two (both games with great potential hampered by poor playtesting and slavish adherence to the Storyteller system), so I wonder what gives the original the edge for you.

  3. Your list seems to be saying “the latest version is the best” with few exceptions.

    Care to explain any of these selections? I’m particularly interested in the HERO selection and why Pathfinder was not listed for 3E D&D.

  4. Willow says:

    Sadly, no it’s not. But if were, wouldn’t that be awesome?

    There are a few minor differences in healing dying people and such. A lot of people don’t realise there’s more than one printed ruleset of Dogs.

    I felt the tick clock was too fiddly. Of course, my actual Exalted game used the “Exalted Power Combat” rules from the Player’s Guide, plus an extensive list of house rules.

    That’s because newer versions are better, except when they aren’t. Pathfinder is lowest-common-denominator D&D, do not get me started on Pathfinder.

  5. oberonthefool says:

    It would indeed be awesome.

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