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Games I Played in 2010

Here’s a list (hopefully complete) of Games I Played in 2010. One-Shots count. Playtests count. Games are listed in rough order of frequency.

D&D, 4th Edition: This game was the King of 2010 for me, since I ran one weekly game and played in another. It promises to be the king of 2010, with me starting up a 2nd weekly game.
Fiasco: If D&D was the King of regular play, Fiasco was the King of one-shots. We played the heck out of this game, playing early and often. Played half a game at Forge Midwest with Dave and Ralph Mazza that I really wish I could have finished, wrote two playsets of my own and played Tim’s custom playset. Looking forward to playing more of this.
Apocalypse World: I ran a decent length campaign of this, with like 8 different players (no more than 7 at once, I think). Good times, would play again.
In a Wicked Age: Played a number of sessions (it was the highlight of OshCon this year), plus some playtests of my Wicked Nights hack.
Dresden Files: Shari ran a few sessions of this. Character creation was lots of fun, but the game didn’t take off.
Kagematsu: Got to be Kagematsu on a few occasions, got to be a townswoman at least once. (I know my friend Manohari played Kagematsu. I forget if Shari got to or not. I have a lot of female gamer friends- we should play this more.)
The Game Formerly Known As Casino Royale: Did two playtests, one with Emily Care Boss and Ron Edwards, and one with my parents, of all people. Need to work on this more in the new year.
Awesome Adventures: Ran a one-shot for my friend Mik from jolly old England.
Gamma World: Ran a one-shot for New Year’s Eve.
It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show: Played this at OshCon.
Elfs: Ran a game of this at Fire and Ice.
Warhammer, 3rd Edition: Played a game of this at Fire and Ice
Paranoia: Played a very fun game of this at one of the Chicago games days.
Umlaut: Played a game of this at a Chicago Games day. My band’s song list was hilarious, but I’ll never post it to the internet.
Otherworlds: Mike Holmes ran this at Forge Midwest. Reach!
Some Fantasy Heartbreaker that Ron Edwards Ran: I played a jewish snake princess.

There were certainly other games- after all, I attended seven different Play Cons, and Gencon, so I’ve got to be leaving some out, and then there’s games like Montsegur 1244 and Lady Blackbird that I can’t remember if they were 2009 or 2010.