Dead Space 2 After Action Report

Beat Dead Space 2 this morning. Ending has a nice call-back to the original.

Generally speaking, the opening sequence was awesome, then it lags abit and you’re following the plot arrow around, then you meet some other survivors, and the game gets pretty good again, maintaining the ‘oh shit’ urgency of Dead Space 1. However, some of the last few chapters are frustrating because they turn the gameplay on its head: normally, you want to pass through an area slowly and cautiously, but this introduces areas with constantly spawning enemies you just have to get through as fast as possible.

The end boss was an annoying gimmick fight. Dead Space 1’s end boss felt like a real boss fight.

I missed the exclusion of minigames: Zero-G Basketball, the Shooting Range, and the Cannon sequences. I have no love for ZGB or the difficultly of the cannon sequences in general, but the notion was fun. The closest Dead Space 2 comes is the hacking sequence, which is too short and simple to truly be a minigame.

Worth buying, worth playing, will play again. Despite the flaws, definitely a fun and freaky game.


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