Tweaking Ascension: Part 2 (Mechana)

Mechana is my other favorite suit, chaining together massive combos.  Generally, the Storm of Souls Mechana are more interesting than their previous versions, but I have a fondness for certain ones (namely Reclamax, Rocket Courier, and Burrower Mark II)


Battery Monk x3

Grease Monk x3

Grease Monk is a card that’s good without being too good- there’s not always Mechana available to buy.  Battery Monk is almost too good- with the draw a card effect, there’s no down side to having it in your deck.  If I chop things down further, Battery Monk might find itself on the list.  Mechana Initiate, Mechana’s other common, doesn’t make the cut, because it’s generally a terrible card.


Burrower Mark II x2

Rocket Courier x2

Grand Design x2

Avatar Golem x2

Reactor Monk x2

Reclamax x2

Dimension Diver x2

Combustion Idol x2

Socket Altar x2

Brazer Drone x2

Scrap Flinger x2

Synchronizer x2

Autobuilder 5.0 x2

Cog Maw x2

Autobuilder beats out Watchmaker’s Altar due to being more interesting.  Avatar Golem stays in because I like it, and it’s interesting to try to get multiple suits of constructs.  Portable Wormhole gets the shaft because it’s good- a little too good.


Deep Drone x1

Hedron Cannon x1

Hedron Link Device x1

Project Alpha x1

Prime x1

Dream Machine x1

Deep Drone is a rare here because I only have one and it makes the math work out better.  Hedron Cannon is generally more useful than Weapon 303V, and has a less funny name.  Dream Machine and Control room probably shouldn’t coexist in the same deck, and I like Dream Machine better.  Kor the Ferromancer is good, but comparatively boring.


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