Tweaking Ascension: Part 3 (Whole Deck)

This is my proposed deck.  The previous suits have been chopped down even further.


Wolf Shaman x3

Lunar Stag x3

Starchild x3

Granger x2

Snake Shaman x2

Honey Siren x2

Dandelion Witch x2

Lionheart x2

Yggsdrasil Staff x2

Snapdragon x2

Stone Circle x2

Avatar of Aiyana x1

Nairi, Henge Queen x1

Cetra, Weaver of Stars x1

Pathfinder x1

Syril, Runic Alpha x1


Grease Monk x3

Burrower Mark II x2

Rocket Courier x2

Avatar Golem x2

Reactor Monk x2

Dimension Diver x2

Socket Altar x2

Brazer Drone x2

Synchronizer x2

Autobuilder 5.0 x2

Cog Maw x2

Reclamax x1

Combustion Idol x1

Hedron Cannon x1

Hedron Link Device x1

Project Alpha x1

Prime x1

Dream Machine x1


Deathseeker x3

Guardian of Sadranis x3

Abolisher x3

Nihilmancer x3

Arbiter of Fate x2

Void Thirster x2

Nethersnare x2

Soul Assassin x2

Shadow Caster x2

Canopic Jar x2

Sadranis, Dark Emissary x1

Emri, One with the Void x1

Void Mesmer x1

Soul Collector x1

Umbral Edge x1

Penumbral Edge x1


Hectic Scribe x3

Temple Librarian x3

Prodigal x3

Elder Skeptic x3

Elemental Adept x3

Askara of Fate x2

Tower Askara x2

Eternal Askara x2

Dhartha’s Retreat x1

Twofold Askara x1

Tablet of Time’s Dawn x1

Oziah the Peerless x1

Vedah, Sage of Swords x1

Raj, Psionic Master x1

Dreamer’s Glass x1

Treasures of the Study x1

Eye of Destiny x1


Minotaur x4

Fettered Soul x4

Hoarding Whelp x4

Tormented Soul x3

Vandal Soul x3

Vaultbreaker Worm x3

Ravenous Gorph x3

Doom Weeper x3

Wind Tyrant x2

Earth Tyrant x2

Noxious Soul x2

Polaris Demon x2

Hoarding Tyrant x2

Rat King x2

Avatar of the Fallen x1

Kythis, the Gatekeeper x1

Nemesis x1

Vortex x1

Tarik the Trickster x1

Unchained Fates x1


Arha Rising x1

Hedron Rising x1

Ogo Rising x1

Rise of the Cult x1

Void Rising x1

I intentionally wanted both Tablet Loop and Dhartha’s Retreat to be playable.  Tablet Loop is hard, especially with only one Reclamax, but I enjoy the tension of seeing someone trying to go for it.  Combustion Idol was also knocked down to 1 copy for being too good, but too fun to ban.  Adayu the Chosen is cut because he’s not broken enough.  Sordid Asp is gone for being fiddly and annoying.


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