A Very Monsterhearts Christmas

Session Four:  A Very Monsterhearts Christmas

Abram (Logan the Infernal) had the plague, so he wasn’t able to make it.  He was written out of the session, his family vacationing in Florida.  I have evil plans to make his life not boring, but they’re going to have to wait.

On the last day of class before winterbreak, a few things happen:
*Marcell has gotten the condition “fucking psycho” for the cruel “Halloween prank” he played on Mindy.
*Daniel sees deceased Bobby haunting the school.  Daniel’s the only one who can see him… for now.
*Zola finds out that the housing district she and Daniel are squatting in is going to be bulldozed to make way for the ElectroCell Nuclear Power Plant.
*Zola also finds out that Winston Q. Black has xmas gifts for her and all her friends.
*Seth’s tutor Roxanne gives him the gift of local bestselling author S.K. Duke’s novel “The Horror in the Lake.”
*Social worker Diane Richardson tells Daniel he has a state-assigned foster family.  He agrees to meet them later.  He finds out from Emily’s mom that she’s crazy religious.
*Principal Dremmer tells Daniel that he reminds him of a student he had some ten years ago.
Daniel: “What happened to that guy.”
Dremmer: “He got in over his head.”

The gang meets up at the malt shop, including little sister Jess, who Emily promised to take xmas shopping.  Jess has crushes on all of Emily’s male friends, but especially Seth, as it turns out.  Daniel, Marcell, and Zola can’t resist cracking jokes about their undead-ness, which Emily tries to brush off as them joking around.

Emily: “Hello, little sister’s here.”
Jess: “Oh, it’s like Halloween, where Marcel was a vampire, Daniel was a ghost, and Zola was a hooker!”
Zola: “WHAT?”

Later, while Emily is preoccupied.

Jess: “Guys, I’m twelve, you can be honest with me.  Is my sister a vampire?”

(Totally getting the wrong idea.)

Daniel meets with his foster-parents to be, and says that his “Satanic death metal lifestyle” might clash with theirs.  They walk out on him.  Mission accomplished?

Xmas Presents:
Winston Q. Black gives:
Zola a fancy dress, and a newspaper (“can I have that newspaper? ” “of course!”)
Marcell a giant gothic coffin. (“Zola told me you were with the goth set.  I just need some help loading into my car so I can deliver it.”  Mr. Black drives a hearse.  “Lots of room in the back for deliveries.”)
Emily the Cursed Sword.
Jess an impossible geometry necklace.
Seth a giant pet snake, and a ride home through the snow!  He meets the family, who find Mr. Black absolutely charming.
Daniel a GPS device and a set of coordinates, which is enough to sate his curiosity.  (“Geocaching!  It’s all the rage with the college set, I understand.”)

Winston Q. Black now has a total of 10 strings across the 6 PCs, as well as a string on little sister Jess.

Emily invites Seth, Daniel, and Zola over for xmas dinner.  Emily’s mom is mad at Marcell, so he’s not invited.

Daniel and Zola have sexy time.  First time in game we’ve had sex moves trigger!  Zola now hungers for his ghost meat.  We find out why Zola has kept Coach Flowers alive thus far, and what Daniel remembers of his death (not all of it.)

Marcell goes over to Mindy’s apologizes, and then vamps her.  I have him roll +Dark (with +1 forward).  He gets a 7-9.  She comes back, but slightly wrong.  Marcell is disappointed.  She wasn’t supposed to come back like that.  I promise him a full custom move writeup.

Marcell:  “I will make it so no one can hurt you ever again.”
Mindy:  “Like self defense classes?”
Marcell:  “You see, Mindy, I am a monster.  Like out of Anne Rice, or, or or (dammit don’t say Stephanie Meyer)… Jim Butcher.”
Misha OOC: What’s wrong with Bram Stoker?
Sabe OOC” I don’t think Marcell knows who that is.
Mindy:  “Oh, you mean like Twilight?”

Chistmas Eve:
Seth has a dream: a visitation from the Thing in the Lake.  He fails his Dark roll, so doesn’t get any particular information, other than that it wants him to “Despoil their Christ’s Mass.”
So what does he do?  Go xmas shopping.  Meanwhile, everyone else is going xmas shopping, and Marcell and Mindy are stalking the mall for victims, and Emily and Zola are meeting for coffee.

Daniel:  “It’s my favorite sucker…. and Marcell.”
Mindy:  “I’ll take you in the bathroom and suck you right now, Daniel.”
Daniel:  (roll to shutdown)  “You are such a whore.”

After doing his shopping (giftwrap, and the book he’s been reading for Jess), Seth releases his snake into the Santa Claus display chaos ensues.  Mindy grabs Bethany and goes back to her place with Marcell.  Seth retrieves his snake.

Mindy feeds on Bethany until she’s dead.  Marcell tries to pull her off (lash out physically), but only succeeds in ripping a giant chunk out of Bethany’s throat.  They end up tossing the body off of the oceanside bluffs.

Xmas Day:

Seth is disappointed that his despoiling of Christmas is overshadowed in the papers by a missing girl.  Oh well, he’s got a Christmas dinner to attend.

Marcell abides his family’s xmas dinner, but finally snaps- THEY KNOW!  He goes for a walk.

A perfectly nice xmas dinner at the Sorenson household.  With some pleading by Emily and Jess, mom agrees that Daniel can stay with them “until they can get a hold of some of his relatives.”  Seth gives Emily the sanctified knife she lost that he found at the bottom of the lake.  Seth and Jess exchange S.K. Duke novels.  “I Was a Teenage Vampire Mass Murderer”  Marcell stops by, and leaves a note, which is lost in the bustle.

Daniel and Zola burn Daniel’s old house down.  If it’s getting torn down anyway, they might as well be the ones to do it.

Emily and Jess are cleaning up.  Jess decides to chug all the gravy.  Suddenly, she is possessed by the Lord of the Slime!  The heimlich doesn’t work.  Emily calls Daniel and Zola to get there right away, and then gets mentor Christine on speaker phone.  “You have to do an exorcism.  Draw a pentagram in salt, and put on some Gregorian chants.  You have those on CD, right?”

Possessed Jess starts choking Mom, so Emily has to knock her out (doing great harm), but that makes her stationery enough to not resist the exorcism.

Meanwhile, Zola hotwires a car and they drive towards the house.  Zola fails to Hold Steady, so a cop car starts following them with flashers on.  She fails to Run Away, and plows the car into a snow bank.  (Daniel then Runs Away, briefly bumping into Mindy, before getting to the house).  Zola encounters a police officer (the same one she bit earlier) who she attacks.  He puts a few shots into her (3 harm!) and then she eats him.  This is the first time she’s killed to feed.

Daniel shows up at the Sorensen household.  They find the Gregorian chants CD.
“Now lock hands and eminate positive energy.”
So they start singing “we wish you a Merry Chrismas.”  Cut to shots of Marcell pacing and brooding and making a wooden stake, Seth asleep in the trailer park snuggled up with his snake and a book, and Zola murderously eating a police officer.

Final shot of Marcell’s note on doorstep:  “Watch out for Mindy.”

One thought on “A Very Monsterhearts Christmas

  1. Abram says:

    I was hoping Logan’s family would head for the tropics in my absence!

    Sounds like a pretty awesome session.

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