Dungeons & Dragons & Disney Session 3.

In our third session, the princesses undertake to enter and explore Malificent’s castle.

Notably Shari has switched from Tinkerbelle to Aurora. Since Ally was using the Aurora mini for Rapunzuel, she picked out a new mini, which looks even less like Rapunzuel. I might have to kitbash something.


I used the Paizo Monastary dungeon map, which has a quite labyrinthine catacomb level. The first room had three Zombie Grapplers and Four Decrepit Skeletons (Monster Vault), and a Poltergeist (custom level 2 elite artillery). The Skeletons were atop pillars and kept shooting down arrows, and the three Grapplers were on different sides of the room. Immediately Fionna, Mulan, and Rapunzel each charge a different zombie. The princesses still have a bit of a problem figuring out focus fire. After the first skeleton dies, Cinderella teleports atop one of the pillars; Tianna moves her light spell around the room to get the most of the battlefield each turn, and Cinderella keeps teleporting around so she is lit from below.


The Poltergeist proves to be annoying. With 52 hitpoints and insubstantial, it can take a pounding. It also gets an area burst 1 each turn. Despite everyone reminding each other to not clump up, that’s exactly what happens turn after turn. Fortunately, the damage on the burst is fairly low. Eventually they take it down.


They rest, and climb up one of the ledges to a raised doorway and explore the next room, and encounter one of Aurora’s fairy grandmothers, who were cursed by Maleficent. Now these were pretty nasty level 2 elite controllers: they had a ranged attack that immobilized (save ends), and also a teleport 10 that could teleport through walls without line of effect (recharge on a 6). So they would immobilize Mulan, Fionna, or Rapunzel, shoot some other attacks, and then teleport away. At first it was just one, then two, then three. Due to a lack of save granting powers, many of our heroines spent major parts of the fight immobilized, and many Heal checks were made to grant saves. Fortunately, Tianna, Rapunzel, and Aurora all have heal trained.


The final chamber featured Malificent in the deepest chambers, where Prince Charming was magically asleep. With a clue from one of Tianna’s earlier Auguries, they knew a Dragon was going to be in the dungeon, and were now pretty sure that it was going to be Malificent once she was bloodied. So Tianna went up and cast her transform into Frog daily on Malificent, using Heroic Effort to hit. She saved right away, but even so, it prevented a whole turn of attacks. Then Fionna charged up with her daily power, Life Ending Strike, and rolled a crit, for 46 damage. With the small damage Malificent had taken before, this was enough to bloody her, triggering her transformation and a breath attack! Cinderella followed up with an action point Crown of Glory for massive damage and blinding. I action pointed on my next turn for four attacks at final total of +2 to hit, managing to hit Fionna twice and knocking her out, but the dragon was soon defeated, only getting to make one turn of attacks.


Afterwards, the Faerie Godmothers offered to enchant either the group’s armor or weapons/implements. After some confusion whether people actually had armor or not (yes they did, and cloth counts as armor), they chose the armor path. Fionna now has Bloodcut Armor +1, and everyone else has vanilla Armor +1. (And again, it was a case of ‘you get the special armor,’ ‘no, you get the special armor.’)


Next session they will travel to Cinderella’s kingdom, where things are being turned into different things.

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