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Rebuilding D&D Adventure Board Games: Encounters

Part II!


Castle Ravenloft: 45 Treasure Cards

20 Treasures (12 consumable), 25 Fortunes/Blessings


Wrath of Ashardalon: 33 treasure cards

All 33 Treasures, (17 consumable)


Legend of Drizzt: 36 treasure cards

20 Treasures (17 consumable), 16 Fortunes


The sets have different degrees of relying on Fortunes- Castle Ravenloft relies on them the most, with about 55% of the cards being fortunes. Wrath of Ashardalon has none. Legend of Drizzt has 44%. I’m going to go for a 45 card deck, with this same ratio, which would mean 20 fortune cards.


Note that out of the 73 treasures, fully 76% are consumable (including the rechargeable ones from Drizzt). I’m not so keen on this, so we’ll see as the cards get dealt out.


For Fortunes, I picked only the best ones, because it sucks to draw one that isn’t useful.


Action Surge, Battlefield Promotion, Bolster x3, Brief Rest x2, Burst of Speed, Camp, Daze, Eagle Eyes, Guilded Strikes (Blessing), Intimidating Bellow, Lucky Find, Moment’s Respite x2, Quick Strike, Rejuvenating Onslaught (Blessing), Secret Tunnel, Run! (Blessing)


For the 25 Treasures, I decided to go with a more even split on consumable/nonconsumable items. For weapons, I chose the fun ones that people tend to like, got rid of some of the more powerful items (Throwing Shield, Blessed Shield, Bracers of Blinding Strikes), and overly complicated ones (Flying Carpet). So 11 keepers, 14 one-shots.


Amulet of Protection, Cat’s Eye Headband, Crossbow of Speed, Dragontooth Pick, Dwarven Hammer, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Holy Avenger, Necklace of Speed, Ring of Accuracy, Thieves’ Tools, Vorpal Sword.


When it comes to one shots, my group tends to really hate the use instead of an attack powers, so I used only the best of those. I regretted not having more space for basic items like healing potions and Scrimshaw Charms- this might be a tweak to later versions of the deck.


Box of Caltrops, Dragon’s Breath Elixir, Potion of Healing, Potion of Recovery, Potion of Speed, Pearl of Power, Scrimshaw Charm x2, Scroll of Monster Control, Scroll of Teleportation, Tunnel Map, Wand of Lightning Bolts, Wand of Polymorph, Wand of Teleportation