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Games I Played in 2012

I’m likely forgetting a game or two that was played at a Con or as a one-shot (I can’t find any list of what I played at Gencon and Forge Midwest).

Apocalypse World: Got to play for the first time at Walking Eye Con, at Gencon, and Abram’s game. Finished up the Waterworld campaign at the start of the year, and started a campaign (still running) at the end of the year. A good year for Apocalypse World!

Beacon of Hope: Played a playtest session of this, ran by Shari.

Burning Empires: Played in Sabe’s Game Turbine Malvernus game.

Danger Patrol: Shari ran this at Walking Eye Con.

Dogs in the Vineyard:  Ran a game of this for Tim, Shari, Sabe, and Misha.

Dragons at Dawn Hack: Ran a short game for the Game Turbine, and a session at Chicago Games Day.

Dungeon Crawl Classics: Played in a few sessions ran by Doc. Ran a few sessions for the Game Turbine.

Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition: Currently running my Godstorm game. Played in Sabe’s Hallowdwell campaign. Ran a girls-only Dungeons & Dragons & Disney game.

Dungeon World: Kevin ran a game at Walking Eye Con. Played in a game at Gencon. Currently playing in a game run by Sabe.

Durance:  Played this as a one-shot with the Game Turbiners.

Feng Shui: Played this at Chicago Games day.

Fiasco: Played a few games.

Final Girl:  Played this!

Fourthbreaker: Did a few playtests of this, ran by Abram and Sabe.

Lady Blackbird: Ran this at Plattecon.

Left Coast: Ron facilitated this for me at Forge Midwest.

Legends of the Wulin: Did character creation for a Game Turbine game started by Sabe. I’m still going to count this one, since it’s just getting going.

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Ran a few sessions.

Mispent Youth: Played a session of this at Chicago Games Day!

Monsterhearts: Ran a game for the Game Turbine. Also one shot at Walking Eye Con, Chicago Games Day, and for Mik and Kai at New Years.

Mountain Witch: Tim Kleinert ran this for me at Forge Midwest!

One Last Night: Played a session of this with Tim, Brendan, and Sabe.

Samurai World: Brennan Taylor ran a Day of Thunder Samurai World game at Gencon, which was completely awesome. I played Mirumoto Hitomi and ended up Empress.

Savage Worlds: Ran two different sessions at two different Chicago Games Days.

Shelter in Place: I played this at Walking Eye Con. It probably doesn’t really count as an RPG, but I played it

Stars Without Number: Played in a few sessions ran by Doc.

Unnamed Casino Game Continuing Playtest: Continued to play. Abram ran a session, and it went well.

Edit:  Thanks to Tim for pointing out Dogs in the Vineyard and Durance.  And The Final Girl.