Board Game Inventory Reduction

The Great Game Roundup and Inventory Reduction


I have too many games. So I’m going through them, in preparation to get rid of some of them.


I’m using the following Rating system:


An A game is one I actually regularly play, either by bringing to Boardgame Nights, Cons, or playing with Tim, All A games are staying on the shelf.


A B game is a game I like but haven’t played in a while, or a game that I have some emotional attachment to. I want to make an effort to play more of these, forcing them to justify their existence on my gaming shelf. A B+ game is one I really want to keep. A B- game is one that I will probably end up getting rid of.


A C game is one that I can’t really see myself playing again. These games are probably either not to my taste, or otherwise rendered obsolete by other games in my collection.


If a game is labeled (Tim), I’m pretty sure that’s Tim’s game, and I should probably ask him before selling it.


If you want a game that’s a B- or C, let me know, and we’ll talk price.


7 Wonders: A

Ascension: A

Battlecon: A

Beowulf: A

Betrayal at the House on the Hill, 2nd Edition: A

Blood Bowl: Team Manager: A

Bohnanza: A

Boss Monster: A

Castle Ravenloft etc: A

Carcassone, plus many expansions: A

Cards Against Humanity: A

Citadels: A

Colossal Arena: A

Cosmic Encounter: A

Democrazy: A

Descent 2nd Edition: A

Dixit: A

Epic Spellduels of the Battle Wizards: Duel on Mt. Skullsfyre: A

Facts in Five: A

Fairy Tale: A

Fantastiqa: A

Fortune and Glory: A

Get Bit: A

Glory to Rome: A

Infernal Contraption: A

Innovation: A

Jenga: A

Jungle Speed: A

Last Night on Earth: A

Liar’s Dice: A

Lord of the Rings: Confrontation: A

Lords of Waterdeep, plus expansion: A

Lost Cities: A

Kahuna: A

King of Tokyo: A

Kingdom Builder: A

Netrunner: A

Nuts!: A

Penny Arcade Game: A

Quao: A

Quarriors: A

Race for the Galaxy: A

Seasons: A

Sentinels of the Multiverse: A

Shadowfist: A

Small World, plus expansions: A

Smash Up!: A

Sole Mio!: A

Super Dungeon Explore!: A

Sushi Go!: A

The Duke: A

The Stars are Right: A

Tsuro: A

Tsuro of the Seas: A

Village: A

Wiz War: A


Aladdin’s Dragons: B+

Alhambra B+

Battle for Alabaster: B+

Battlestar Galactica, plus all expansions: B+

Blue Moon City: B+

Carolus Magnus B+

Castle: B+

Chaos in the Old World, plus expansion: B+

City of Thieves, plus expansion: B+

Copy Cat: B+

Death Angel: B+

Dominion, all the expansions: B+

Eclipse plus Expansion: B+

Elfenland: B+

Gang of Four: B+

Girl Genius: The Works: B+

Ingenious (Mint): B+

In the Shadow of the Emperor (Mint): B+

Jaipur: B+

Keyflower: B+

Keythedral: B+

Khet (Laser Chess)(Tim): B+

Kingsburg, plus expansion: B+

Last Night on Earth: Timber Peak: B+

Ninja: B+

Octiles: B+

Power Grid: B+

Puerto Rico: B+

Rumis: B+

Senji: B+

Ticket to Ride: Europe, and Switzerland: B+

Tigris and Euphrates (Mint): B+

Torres (Mint): B+

Trias: B+


Abalone: B (Tim)

Agricola, plus some expansions: B

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small: B

Android: B

Arcane Legions: B

Arcanum: B

Arimaa: B (Tim)

Banzai!: B

Battlelore: B

Carcassone: Hunters and Gatherers: B

Campaign Manager 2008: B

Conquest of Nerath: B

Cthulhu Gloom: B (Tim)

Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb: B(Tim) I have no idea what this is.

Destruct: B. Whatever this is, it looks pretty cool.

D&D Command: B

Dreadfleet: B

Dungeon Quest B

Empyrian, Ltd: B

Entdecker (Mint): B

Feudal: B

Fury of Dracula: B

Gosu: B

Hacker: B (Tim)

Hero Card (Orc Wars, Shogun, Cyberspace, Nightmare): B

Heroscape: B

Hobbit Card Game (Mint): B

Horus Heresy: B

Lord$ of Vega$: B

Mage Knight: B

Mage Storm (Mint): B

Make a Scene: B (stupid party game, but entertaining)

Megachess: B (Tim)

Merchant of Venus: B

Osterreichreise: B

Rider Taror: B (doesn’t belong on game shelf)

Roborally: B

Runebound: B

Samurai and Katana: B

Scrappers: B

Settlers of Catan, plus Cities and Knights: B. I’m pretty sure Tim and I have multiple copies of this.

Settlers of Catan card game: B

Spark: B

Starfarers of Catan: B

Tales of the Arabian Nights: B

Three Dragon Ante: B (two copies, different editions, I think)

Ticket to Ride: Dice Expansion: B

Titan: B (I really need to find an excuse to play this.)

Tongiaki: B

Twixt: B

Vampire Tarot (Mint): B (Tim)- I don’t think this is even a game, just a tarot deck.


Carcassone: Princess and the Dragon: B-

Carcassone: The City: B-

Claustrophobia: B-


Ideology: B-

Infiltration: B-

Jump the Shark (Mint): B- (Tim?)

Poo!: B-

Spanc: B-

Star Trek Deckbuilding Game plus first Expansion: B-


3012: C

A Touch of Evil: C

Are You a Werewolf? (Looney Labs): C

Arkham Horror, plus several expansions: C (Tim)

Balderdash: C

Battle of the Bands, plus Expansion: C

BSG CCG Cards: C, free to good home.

Burn in Hell: C (Tim)

Car Wars Boxed Set: C

Chrononauts, plus expansion: C

Confusion: C

Conquest of Pangea (Mint): C

Doctor Faust: C

Domination: C

Dork Tower: C

Early American Chrononauts: C

Eminent Domain: C

Guillotine: C

Hell Rail: C

Hex Hex: C

History of the World: C

Illumuminati (plus at least one expansion): C

Inflatable Whack a Zombie: Not really a game, but on my game shelf, for some reason: C

Inn Fighting: C

Junta: El Presidente: C

Kung Fu Samurai on Giant Robot Island: C

Lord of the Rings (Reiner Kniza co-op version): C

Lord of the Rings CCG Cards: Free to good Home: C

Mad Gab: C

Miskatonic School for Girls: C

Mutants and Masterminds Beginner Rules: C (Free to Good Home)

Original Netrunner Cards: C

Pentago (Mint): C

Pictionary (Mint): C

Power Grid: The First Sparks: C (Tim)

Scrabble Sentence Cube Game: C

Soft Landing: C

Spoils CCG Cards: C

Spy Ring: C

Spycraft CCG Cards: Free to good home! C

Star Trek CCG Cards: C

Star Wars Monopoly: C

Strata 5: C

Ticket to Ride: Dice Expansion: C (A second copy!)

Vinci: C

Warlord CCG Cards: C

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards: C, Free to good home!


Cheapass Games:

Before I Kill You, Mister Bond: C

Captain Park’s Imaginary Polar Expedition: C

Deadwood: C (Tim)

Escape from Elba: C

Freeloader: C

Kill Doctor Lucky: C

One False Step for Mankind: C

Safari Jack: C

US Patent #1: C



Agent Double Double Agent: Missing cards.

Descent, 1st Edition: Special (strip for minis and bits, break down into fewer boxes)

Game of Thrones, first edition (missing Stark tokens) Strip for parts?

Risk Legacy: Special (am I going to play this copy again? Probably not, but I’d like to.)



4 thoughts on “Board Game Inventory Reduction

  1. Andy says:

    ….holy CHRONOMANCY that’s a lot of games… (I’d ask about the LOTR cards if I was inclined to start playing again…maybe I could send them back home to my brother, who wanted to play with ’em. I collected the game back in the day, a tiny bit. I’ll mull it through.)

  2. Willow says:

    More like Ludomancy?

    Thanks. It takes up 3+ bookshelves in the gameroom and is starting to overflow. If your brother can use ’em, let me know.

  3. Dolphin Tsang says:

    Hi Andy, this is Dolphin from Hong Kong, I would like to ask is the Keythedral still available for collect :]

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