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Games I Played in 2013

Apocalypse West: Ran a one-shot of my western Apocalypse World hack at Chicago Games Day.


Apocalypse World: Wrapped up my Apocalypse Northwest game. Abram ran a game of this, which lastest only a few sessions before he left Madison. I was playing the Quarantine. Doc ran a very large game where I played the fan-playbook the Radio.


Blazing Rose: Played a one shot, with a Kung Fu in Love quickstart.


Clay That Woke: Ran a short game of this game in playtest.

Deadlands Classic: Ran a short game featuring the adventure Monolith Beyond Space and Time.


Dog Eat Dog: Finally got to play this game of colonialism and sociology.


Dungeon Planet: Played in a oneshot at Games on Demand at Gencon.


Dungeon World: Played in Sabe’s ongoing game as Dahlia the Cleric of Death and later Astrafel the Bard. Sabe also ran a Planar Codex game where I played Zash, a Githyanki Sky Pirate Dashing Hero. Ran a game featuring the adventure Death Frost Doom. Ran a one shot at Forge Midwest.


Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition: Abram ran his Clan City Lockdown scenario, in which we all played Minotaurs in a superhard adventure.


Exploding Kingdoms: Continued to design, run, and playtest this.


Freemarket: Got to play this at Chicago Games Day.


Gamma World: Ran a combat-heavy, X-Mas themed one-shot since Colin wanted to try it.


Itras By: Ran a few session, played in Sabe’s ongoing game as a Grey Guard investigator.


Lady Blackbird: Shari ran a session or two of this that I got to play in; she’s added this to her gaming repertoire and ran a longer game that sounded very fun.


Legends of the Wulin: Sabe ran a game of this, in which I played some sort of sword princess, and Abram ran a session or two of a Gods of Cooking game where I played a Fire Sutra Doctor with very spicy cooking!


Microscope: Played a game. I think it had spaceships.


Monsterhearts: Played two one shots at Forge Midwest. Ran season two of my Red Bank game.


Mouse Guard: Sabe ran a one-shot of this.


Mythic Animist Playtest: Played a session of Abram’s Mythic Animist game; a little rocky but the concepts have potential.


On Mighty Thews: Played this at Forge Midwest. The map stayed up most of the con.


Primitive: Played this for the first time at Chicago Games day.


Quiet Year: Got to give this game a try.


Rustbelt: Played a session at Gencon.


Sign in Stranger: Sabe facilitated a one shot of this, good to play again, and provided inspiration for his Welcome Earthlings game.


Space War: Played Brendan’s playtest of the crew of two spaceships in conflict.


Torchbearer: Currently running an ongoing game.


Undying: Tim ran a playtest of this for us.


Vast and Starlit: Played this minigame. Cliffhangers.


We Set Out: Doc facilitated a game of this.


Wilding Tales: Played a oneshot of this.


World of Darkness: Sabe ran a nWoD game over G+.


XXXXtreme Street Luge: Played this at Forge Midwest. Failed to achieve my lifegoals, but at least my luger got Leonard Nimoy as a fan.


As always, I am likely missing odd one shots.