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D&D Carousing Table

D&D 5 has a random Carousing Table, but if you’re like me you think it could have a lot more entries on it. Most of the entries involve simple financial loss or gain, but there are a couple of real interesting entries. This table adds more of that.

Most of these entries involve some question. This question is to be answered by the player.

If you want crazy things to happen when you Carouse, use this table!

When you spend your downtime action to Carouse, roll 1d20

1: You wake up in a strange place, with no memory of how you got there. You are missing 3d6 x Level GP.

2: You make a new enemy. Who? How?

3: You have misplaced or lost an item of the GM’s choice. Where do you think it might be?

4: You are wanted in connection of a crime. What did you do?

5: You drank a Potion of Love intended for someone else? Who are you smitten with?

6: An NPC helped you out of some trouble, and now you owe them a favor. What did you do, and who helped you?

7: You’re having some magical aftereffects. For the next week or so, you have disadvantage on all attacks and saves of a randomly determined stat. How did this come about?

8: Where did that weird animal come from? What is it?

9: You find yourself a member of a secret society or cult. How did you get involved with these guys?

10: You have a new tattoo that you don’t remember getting. What is it?

11: You are caught up in a whirlwind romance. With who? How did it end up?

12: You learn a new rumor.

13: You gain 3d6 x Level GP in gambling winnings.

14: You performed some legendary stunt that amazed the locals. You’ll have advantage on Charisma checks against them, until the novelty wears off. What did you do?

15: You have gained the lifelong loyalty of a hireling! (GM’s choice). How did the two of you come to be such boon companions?

16: You meet and party with someone important (GM’s choice), and now they think the world of you. Where did you meet and what did the two of you do together?

17: You have acquired a new Trinket. (Roll randomly.) Where did you get it from?

18: You have acquired a treasure map. Where did you get it from, and where does it lead to?

19: While gambling, you won a magic item of the GM’s choice. Who lost it to you?

20: Things have gotten really out of hand. Roll two more times and combine. (More results of 20 stack.)

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Fast Cast Episode 3

Episode 3 is up over on the Patreon page!  You should go check it out.  We talk about Apocalypse World, and how awesome it is.

Fastcast: Episode One

Hey, I have a podcast!  Check it out!

In our pilot episode, I talk with Colin Reagan about Curative and Transformative Fandom, Kerbal Space Program, the Best Pilot Episode Ever, and the Appeal of Apocalyptic Fiction.

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