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  1. Jon Hook says:

    Hi. I just heard about your Escape From Tentacle City. How can I get a copy of your game? I’d love to read it and try to scare-up a game of it.


  2. Mark Long says:

    Hi Willow

    I just wanted to say thanks for coming up with Escape from Tentacle city. I played it at a convention in the UK (I am UK based) and loved it. I bought the rules from and I played it with my regular gaming group last night.

    There was some concern after we had drawn the map (which is exactly what happened when I played at the con) but the game developed into a fast paced and very cinematic session and we had a blast (which is exactly what happened when I played at the con).

    We are planning on using it for generating character backgrounds and with some modifications for a space based adventure. Would you like to hear how it goes?

    Many thanks


  3. Mark Smith says:

    Sep 1 (3 days ago)

    to willow
    Dear Willow Palecek,

    I bought your book cheaply in Perth Western Australia from Tactics. I live in Saitama in Japan (near Tokyo). I teach English to a couple, man and woman, who are Japanese and they like Star Wars particularly the first one so if you had an adventure related to that would be great.


    Waiting for your answer

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