Minecraft Adventure Maps

I have been creating several adventure maps in Minecraft.  This page logs my efforts.

Willow’s Challenge was the first Adventure Map I made.  Can you get past the challenges to reach the cake?  Can you find all nine Gold Bricks?  (Made in Minecraft 1.7.2).


The Glass Maze will challenge your wits!


The Paintball Arena will challenge your reflexes!


The Digger’s Challenge will challenge your judgement!


The Amazing Maze will challenge your sense of direction!

Co-Op Adventure is a two-person Adventure Map.  Two players must work together to bypass a series of challenges and traps.  Better have good teamwork!  (Made in Minecraft 1.7.2)  As an additional challenge, perhaps you can find all the hidden achievements.  You will either want to play this one over LAN, or one player will have to host it as a server.


Open the door, and the zombies attack.


Grab a bow and help out your partner!


Pressure plates in the right sequence open doors for your partner… while the lights go out for you.


Your partner will drop supplies to help you get through the wall.  By ‘supplies,’ I mean ‘exploding creepers.’

World of Adventure is my most ambitious Map to date, featuring a re-creation of classic D&D Dungeon the Caves of Chaos.  Download to play yourself, or host a whole party over LAN or a server.  (Made in Minecraft 1.7.4).


Aerial view of the Caves of Chaos valley.


Aerial view of the Village of Town.


One of the entrances to the Caves of Chaos.  (Entry F)


A foreboding cave entrance. (Entry I)


Cave entrance. (Entry K)


A chicken stands guard in area 7g.


In the Village of Town, written books provide rumors and in-game information about the Caves of Chaos.


The Chapel of Evil Chaos. (Area 55).

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