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Apocalypse Boats

These are my notes from the first session of Apocalypse World.  It’s a flooded world, with boats and barge cities and island hardholds.

The Center of the Apocalypse:


Cash (Operator, Tim)

Dart (Driver, Brendan)

Leah (Savvyhead, Amelia)

Twitch (Hardholder, Abram)


New Sky Empire People:

Bracket, Twitch’s right-hand-man

Phantom, Twitch’s bodyguard

Tum Tum, Twitch’s weird brainer-type person


Fauna, Ambassador from Paradise Island, stood up by Leah

Parcher, Ambassador from Calypso


Cheeze-It, victim of goat-theft

Coke Zero, likes to look at boats

Grome, oldest guy anyone knows, medical knowledge.

Prim, cult-leader

Rolfball, scavenger/trader, selling information to Riggers

Rothschild, huge houseboat/nightclub valued at 12-barter, sex move (take +1 forward)


Crew of the Tinfoil:

Crab, small, bowl haircut, good at sea, goes “land crazy”, sex move (crabs), face bashed in by Cash

Pill, smart guy, techie

Muktaba, big guy


The Barges

Barker, Enough-to-Eat, and Imam- big names


Dead People:

Rover, Dart’s ex-lover

Samson, former leader of New Sky Empire, killed by Zombies

Thinner, ex-captain of the Tinfoil (mutiny)



New Sky Empire


Paradise Island

Leah’s Cove

Dead City

Dark River

The Barges

The Rig

The Shallows

The South Reaches

GitHub: Software description: web based place database (Python).