My Games

Awesome Adventures

Awesome Adventures is the game of Awesome Adventures.  Based on the award-winning FATE rules engine, Awesome Adventures is a genre-neutral, rules lite game of larger than life action heroes.  Awesome Adventures especially focuses on over-the-top, gonzo action.  Awesome Adventures has been available since April 2008, but in August 2009 I put out a re-release of the game with new cover art and a shiny new layout by Micah Bauer.  You can purchase Awesome Adventures at Lulu.  You can also purchase Awesome Adventures as a PDF at Drivethrurpg.

Escape From Tentacle City

Escape from Tentacle City is a dark comedy game of survival horror.  Originally written for Game Chef 2008 (in which it won the Golden Katana that Shoots Smaller Katana Award for Game that Looks Like it Was the Most Fun to Write), based on gorgeous black and white art by Jason Morningstar, Escape from Tentacle City produces riotous fun.  Escape from Tentacle City was released in August 2009.  You can purchase Escape from Tentacle City at Lulu.  You can now also purchase Escape from Tentacle City as a PDF at Drivethrurpg.

While Lulu does not offer a Print + PDF Bundle, I do.  If you buy one of my games, send me an e-mail, and I’ll send you a free PDF

Free Games

I’ve written a number of short games over the years.  I’m starting to compile links to them here.

Apocalypse West

Apocalypse West is an alternate set of playbooks for Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World game.  You’ll need the rules for that game, but they are fantastic, so you should really get them anyways.  You can download the original text version and supplemental chapter here,   My buddy Doc, of the Apocalypse World All The Playbooks Archives, made up some snazzy trifolds with some old Deadlands art.

Drag Force Five

In the not so distant future, reactionary fundamentalists have seized control of the country and instituted a fascist state.  Sexual nonconformity is forbidden.  Gender roles are strictly enforced.  The only hope of the resistance is a renegade team of commando drag queens, known as DRAG FORCE FIVE.

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

Someone’s been killed in the village.  The villagers have gotten out the torches and pitchforks, and are ready to have a good old fashioned lynching.  Trouble is, there is no werewolf.  What happens when werewolf panic gets out of hand?  A deconstruction of party games with ‘Werewolf’ in the title.  Download it here.

10 thoughts on “My Games

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  2. Ry St says:

    Where would I find your Vampires oracle?

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  5. kreider204 says:

    FYI, I posted a review of Awesome Adventures at DTRPG.

  6. BF4 says:

    Awesome adventure is a game in a book, my god this takes me back to my childhood most games lack imagination these days so interesting to come across your blog as I was actually looking for old text base games for the computer.

  7. […] o agli stand presso il GenCon includono: Night Sky Games, Stone Baby Games, Peach Pants Press, Willow Palecek, Cream Alien Games, Black & Green Games, Adept Press, CRN Games, Incarnadine […]

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