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Games I Played in 2015

Games I Played in 2015

Twenty eight different rpgs. Not too bad. Probably forgot one here or there.

Apocalypse World: I ran a few one-shots (including one at Chicago Games Day) using the preview 2E rules. They’re pretty cool!

Becoming Ourselves: I ran a session over a hangout.

Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish Granting Engine: Sabe ran a few sessions of this. One of the more unique games I played last year.

Dr. Xaos: At Forge Midwest, I played Ron’s playtest.

Dungeons & Dragons: I ran a 5e campaign, played in a few 5e games. Frank Mentzer ran D&D for Tim and me at Gameholecon. And we also played OSRIC at Gamehole.

Dungeon World: I got to play and GM for the players of Chain World. Also played a few sessions ran by Sabe using Class Warfare.

Exploding Kingdoms: Ran playtest games. Sabe ran a short campaign, so I even got to play!

FATE: Colin ran a few sessions of a cyberpunk Fate game.

How The West Was Lost (formerly Apocalypse West): I ran a couple of one-shot playtests of this, and am currently running a longer playtest.

In Nomine: We made characters for a game that Sabe was going to run but decided not to. But I’m going to count this anyway.

Itras By: I ran two sessions of this! One at the end of Forge Midwest, and one as an ad-hoc Gencon game.

Juggernaut: Ran this for my home group.

Kagematsu: I couldn’t find the actual title of the game, but I played a Jane Austen hack of Kagematsu at Gencon Games on Demand.

Marvel Heroic: I ran an Avengers vs. Guardians of the Galaxy one shot at Chicago Games Day.

Masks of the Mummy Kings: Nathan Paoletta ran this for me at Forge Midwest, and then I proceeded to run it for my home group and figure out how to break it. Playtesting!

Monster of the Week: Thanks to Jason Cordova of the Gauntlet for running a Hangout campaign.

Monsterhearts: I ran two oneshots of this at Gencon’s Games in Demand. Good times.

Prime Time Adventures: Most intense roleplay experience of the year. Ran by Larry Lade at Minneapolis Long Con.

Swords Without Master: Got to play this as a Chicago Games Day event.

Tenra Bansho Zero: I ran two one-shots of this, one at Chicago Games Day.

The Casino Game That I’m Writing: Put some more work into this, and did a few playtests.

The Mountain Witch: I played in a game ran by Arnold Cassell, but had to bow out when I got the worst food poisoning ever.

The One Ring: Tried this at Chicago Games Day. The game itself was a disappointment, but I was intrigued enough to pick up the rules.

Timelines: This was one of my #Threeforged games, and we got to play a session. It was pretty cool.

Tremulus: Ran a campaign of this for a few sessions. Sadly, it didn’t quite come together.

Urban Shadows: I ran a few sessions of this, but it was before we had the physical book (which really makes a difference), and the setting didn’t quite come together. Really excited to play more of this in the future.

Worlds in Peril: We got together to make characters for Jim’s game, so I’m counting this. Also, we might still play.

World Wide Wrestling: TWO sessions at Forge Midwest. Ron Edwards yelled at me because I was having too much fun.