Monthly Archives: June 2008

What Weapon Am I?

I’m a katana. Eat katana, punks!

I Like Kung Fu Panda

Tim and I recently saw this. It’s very funny, and also a good kung fu movie. If you like Martial Arts, and don’t have to take it too seriously (like if you liked Kung Fu Hustle or Shaolin Soccer), then you’ll like this movie. It has a great sense of humor to it, good animation, and good kung fu battles.

I Have Swimmer’s Ear

This is not the worst pain ever, but it is close. That honor goes to having my wisdom teeth removed, and waiting for my mom to get home so she could buy me painkillers. That was the worst pain ever.

But I’m on my painkillers right now, and it’s almost as bad as that. But not quite. I am, for example, capable of tasks like blogging and not collapsing in a heap of tears.

I am never ever using Q-Tips ever again.

I Want to Be an Insider

Specifically, I want to write articles for D&D insider.

Specifically, monster writeups.

I figure, I’ll be running a game, chances are I’ll be stating up new monsters anyway. And there’s likely to be a demand for that sort of thing. And it keeps my writing/game design skills sharp. And D&D Insider is paying six cents a word, which is pretty darn good money for freelancing.