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Event Scheduling for 2014

Timeslots for Forge Midwest 2014 will be as follows:

9 AM: Early Bird Session

1 PM: Afternoon Session

7 PM: Evening Session

11 PM: Night Owl Session

We will not be using the Big Board method of event sign-ups this year.  While intended to be a means for GMs to communicate their games to players, it has become a pretty dysfunctional method of player-signups.  This year we will be trying out Pitch Sessions:  All attendees are invited to meet in one area, discuss prospective games for that timeslot, and split into groups.  My goal is to further invite newcomers in the community.  The first big Pitch Session will be Friday at 1 PM, but we will be opening up the doors to the room as soon as the hotel lets us.

Since these timeslots will not necessarily work for everyone (I can hear you saying “who gets up that early/stays up that late??”), in addition, a number of boardgames and other short games will be made available for anyone’s use in the con “main area.”