Monthly Archives: November 2008

Never Going to Let You Down

So I’m at Tim’s parents place, waiting for Thanksgiving-brunch, sort of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  There’s lots of different acts and famous people singing and stuff.  One of the floats is for some random children’s show, and they’re singing some song from the show.  Then the music stops…

…and Rick Astley comes out of the float, and starts singing “Never Going to Let You Up.”  When he’s done, he goes back inside, and they finish the song for the random children’s show.

America, we just got Rick Rolled.  By the man himself.

Retail: Booyah

So, due to my great ability to handle the surreal situations my job throws at me, I’ve been promoted to the lofty position of Customer Service Manager.  I have no doubt that this will put me in even more surreal situations.  (Of course, I can’t talk about all of them here.)

I’m pretty pleased right about now.  Feeling real good about myself.


I finished up my revisions on Pandora’s Box.

The book is far from done, there are some scenes that need major rewrites, and some scenes that need to be written.  (Computer troubles lost me a whole chapter of the book when I wrote it originally, and I also had forgotten about an entire subplot.)  But the editing grunt work is pretty much done.  The text reads a lot cleaner now.

Stephen King says you should cut ten percent, I went from 56k words to 49k.  But I plan to be putting more in, which should bring it to a full novel length.