All Quiet on the Western Front

If you’ve been wondering why my blog has been so silent, it’s because I’ve been working away at an Apocalypse World hack: Apocalypse West. You can check out all my work for it over on Barf Forth Apocalyptica.


One thought on “All Quiet on the Western Front

  1. Abram says:

    Too lazy to make an account on Barf Forth Apocalyptica, so I’ll put my comments here:

    The Lawdog’s ‘Always Get Your Man’ should still function on a miss, just give you more drawbacks. It’s called ‘Always Get Your Man’, darn it! If that seems bad, it should still do *something* on a miss, as written it doesn’t move plot forward on a miss. ‘I set out to find THE BAD GUY.’ ‘…Okay, you don’t find him.’ is not particularly dramatically interesting. What do you do then?

    Devil’s Bargain is one of the strongest things in the game – not because of the ratio, but because you can apply it to *any roll you want*. There are no other ways to get forward that are this freely chooseable at any moment. But if you want to bump it up higher, maybe change it to ‘spend 1 experience before a roll to gain +2 forward on that roll. If you roll a 10+, (horrible things happen).’ Maybe a 12+ instead. This would kick in the ‘You got what you wanted… at a price’ dynamic on a more than mechanical level.

    Possible Lawman sex move: You know the last hanging crime(if any) they committed that you didn’t know about, and the specifics too.

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